The FanIQ point system is designed to recognize and reward both the FanIQ members that make the highest quality contributions to the FanIQ community and the smartest/most skillful sports fans.

There are two types of points: Fan Points and IQ Points. Earn Fan Points for demonstrating "fandom" and enriching the experience of other fans. Earn IQ points for demonstrating superior skill and intelligence in our pick’em games, trivia, and quizzes. The tables below list activities and associated point values with each.

Point values are subject to change, so be sure to check back often to see if they have been updated!

Fan PointsProve your fandom
How Points Are Earned Points Limits / Comments
Join FanIQ 1,000 One time award
Take FanMatch Quiz 1,000 One time award
Complete sports bio 500 One time award
Change thought of the day 30 Once per day
Fill out sports bio 30 Per answer (no additional points if you change an answer)
Visitors to your profile 30 Per unique visitor per day
Thumbs ups received (top ratings) 30 Limit 30 per day
Rate content (except when rating is mandatory) 10 Limit 20 per day
Shout outs received 10 Limit 20 per day
Fan actions received 10 Limit 20 per day
Violate terms of use Varies Repeat violations may lead to forfeiture of all accumulated points
Your comment voted top comment 300 Unlimited
Post first comment 100 One time award
Comments generated 30 Limit 30 per day (no points for self comments)
Write featured blog post 1,000 Unlimited
Write first blog 100 One time award
Views of your blog post 1 First 10,000 views of each blog post
Submit featured news link 500 Unlimited
Submit first news link 100 One time award
Views of your news article 1 First 1,000 views of each news article
Create featured poll 500 Unlimited
Create first poll 100 One time award
Input expert prediction 5 Unlimited
Entries in your poll 1 First 1,000 entries in each poll
Submit featured video 500 Unlimited
Submit first video 100 One time award
Views of your video 1 First 1,000 views of each video
Upload first photo 100 One time award
Views of your photo 1 First 1,000 views of each photo
Create first trivia question 100 One time award
Answers to your trivia question 1 First 500 answers to each question
Create first quiz 100 One time award
Times your quiz is taken 1 First 500 times quiz is taken
IQ PointsProve your knowledge
How Points Are Earned Points Limits / Comments
Predictions (Pick'em and Polls) Varies Proprietary formula
Quizzes (each correct answer) 10 Plus up to 14 bonus points, based on time
Trivia (each correct answer) 10 Plus up to 14 bonus points, based on time
Name Points Needed
0 FanIQ Rookie 1,000
1 Pee Wee League Lottery Pick 1,010
2 Pop Warner Blitzing Sack Machine 1,050
3 Sandlot Homerun Derby Runner Up 1,100
4 All Playground Defensive Specialist 1,150
5 5-Tool Little League Standout 1,250
6 Junior Varsity Freshman Starter 1,500
7 Varsity Three Point Shootout Winner 1,750
8 Intramural Mini-hoop Dunk Champion 2,000
9 JUCO All American Hustle Player 2,500
10 Division III Special Teams Warrior 3,000
11 Division II Human Highlight Reel 3,500
12 Division I Blue Chip Top Prospect 4,000
13 Tourney Buzzer Beater Specialist 5,000
14 Bowl Game Unstoppable Scoring Machine 7,500
15 Combine Athletic Freak 10,000
16 Training Camp Deep Ball Threat 15,000
17 Semi Pro Prime Time Player 20,000
18 Summer League Lights Out Closer 25,000
19 Minor League Triple Crown Winner 50,000
20 Major League Silver Slugger 100,000
21 Playoff Clutch Performer 150,000
22 All Star Skills Competition Winner 250,000
23 Pro Bowl Most Valuable Player 350,000
24 Championship Game Record Breaker 500,000
25 Eight-time Gold Medal Winner 750,000
26 All FanIQ Third Team 1,000,000
27 All FanIQ Second Team 1,500,000
28 All FanIQ First Team 2,000,000
29 FanIQ Hall of Fame 3,000,000
30 FanIQ Living Legend 5,000,000