Anthony Gregg Wins WSOP One Drop Charity Event and $4.8 Million

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The World Series of Poker has been in full swing over the last month in the blazing heat of Las Vegas. The summer poker series has it sh...

The World Series of Poker: 8 Things to Know

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Greg Merson celebrates after winning the 2012 WSOP main event  and the $8.5 million prize. The World Series of Poker is finally under...

Antonio Esfandiari Wins Over $18 Million Dollars at the World Series of Poker

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The 2012 World Series of Poker has been going on full swing in Las Vegas since late May. There are 61 events scheduled to take place during this...

Annie Duke co-hosts Ante Up For Africa

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Alex Bolotin celebrates his win with Ante Up For Africa co-hosts Annie Duke and Don Cheadle Thursday was ou...

The Last card

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Well it is like this I have been on here for about 2 months  now. It is fun moveing around and meeting people and do what ever I can to make t...

Health Science Librarian

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Phil Hellmuth Is A Complete Tool (And Another Word I Can't Write Here)

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If you don't know who Phil Hellmuth is, he's a very good professional poker player. However, he's also an enormous tool on a grand scale. And...

random faniq and sports thoughts written in between online poker hands

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thought I would try this out on here..  seems none of my faniq friends are on right now.. or are too busy   playing in an online poker...