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Fan IQ Name that Tune; 10-21 Pretty Woman,Foxey Lady#4
Can you name that tune to 6 of the sweetest,sexiest babes?
I'll give a line to a well known song,not neccesarily the first line. Some tunes may.have you asking yourself 'Haven't I seen you someplace before?' Its been a while but what's a music poll doing in a place like this?'

Good Luck 
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Question 1: Beatles 1967; Nothing can come between us when it gets dark i tow your hearr away standing by a parking meter when i caught a glimpse of ---- filling in a ticket in a little white book,in her cap she looked much older and the bags across her shoulder
Eleanor Rigby
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Lovely Rita Meter Maid
Dear Prudence
Penny Lane

Question 2: EricClapton#10 1970; What'll do when you get lonely,no one waiting by your side,you been running and hiding much too long y'know it's just your foolish got me on my knees,begging darling please,darling wont you ease my worried mind.
Lay Down Sally
After Midnight

Question 3: Rod Stewart 1971; The morning sun when its in your face really shows your age but that dont worry me none in my eyes,you're my everything. i laughed at all of.your love you didn't need to lured me away from home just to save you from
Tonight's the Night
Do ya Think I'm Sexy
Hot Legs
Sweet Virginia
Maggie May

Question 4: Kiss #7 1976; I hear you calling but I can't come home right now,me and the boys are playing and we just can't find the sound,just a few hours and I'll be right home for you,---- I hear them calling,oh ---- what can I do?
Mid evil Woman
Sweet Jane

Question 5: Steely Dan 1977; We're gonna break out the hats and hooters when ---- comes home,we're gonna rev up the motor scooters when ---- comes home to stay,we're gonna park it in the street,sleep on the beach and make it, throw down the jam when the girls say whe
Do It Again

Question 6: ***Can I come home.after school. We can hang by the pool,did your mom get back from her business trip is she there or trying to give me the slip,.
Jessie's Girl
Stacy's Mom
Jenny 867 5309
C'mon Eileen
Sweet Child of Mine


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#1 | 180 days ago

The answers are :
 No peeking-- Keep comin' back now y'hear!
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#2 | 179 days ago

ehhhhhh.........4/6...........not too bad............yes
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#3 | 179 days ago

(Edited by Nick__)
6/6 -   Hiiiiiii  smiley
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#4 | 179 days ago

6/6....AWWWE YEAH!
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#5 | 179 days ago

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#6 | 179 days ago

btain fart on #6  but i'll take 5 correct yes
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#7 | 177 days ago

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#8 | 175 days ago

Guessed on #4 cause I never listened to them and #6 you never mentioned the group so I had to guess but I didnt do too bad.smiley
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