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This Week in Arena Football - Week 11

by Jon Jon 5/11/07
This Week in Arena Football - Week 11 PhotoAs the AFL regular season enters the final few weeks, 3 teams have separated themselves from the pack. Georgia, Dallas, and Chicago all have only one loss, while only one other team in the league has less than 4 losses (San Jose with 3).

The streakiest teams kept streaking last week. Chicago won its 8th in a row, defeating Colorado in the Monday night game. Georgia beat Orlando on Friday night, allowing just 34 points. In Friday's other action, Columbus beat New York and Dallas edged Utah on the road to keep pace.

On Saturday, Kansas City sent Philly to their 5th straight loss. Grand Rapids once again flexed some muscles on offense, scoring over 70 points for the 2nd straight week. Who would have guessed that would happen after their start? In Saturday's other game, San Jose beat Arizona to win their 3rd straight.

Sunday's action saw Tampa Bay beat Austin, while Los Angeles defeated Las Vegas, who have now firmly positioned themselves as the worst team in the league.

Last week's action was a bit different for two reasons that one would think would not seem to go hand in hand: they were low-scoring and the games were not close. Only one team scored 70 points, which is not all that strange, but what is strange is that only 2 other teams even scored 60. As for close games, the smallest margin of victory was 7 points. Let's hope this week gets us back to the close, high-scoring shootouts that we expect from the AFL!

Here is this week's Super 7, which as usual was picked by you, the fans. Each team listed has their record next to their name, as well as their gain or loss in the rankings from the previous week.


Arena Football League Super 7 - After Week 10


7. Orlando Predators (5-4)  No Change

In answer to their question from yesterday, they just play bad teams. They did hold Georgia to just 55 points, but their offense couldn't keep up.


6. Utah Blaze (5-5)  Down 1 spot

Utah started off hot, but like Philadelphia has hit hard times in the last few weeks. This week doesn't get too much easier, as they travel to Kansas City.


5. Colorado Crush (6-4)  Down 1 spot

A couple of turnovers and extra penalties are things that will doom you against the defending champs. Chicago was simply too much for Colorado last week.


4. San Jose Sabercats (6-3)  Up 1 spot

My attempt to jinx the Sabercats last week failed. Though, the Rattlers did keep them within 7 points, which should almost count as a victory for them.



I've got nothing this week other than good luck to the Arizona Sting, who will be facing off against the Rochester Knighthawks in the National Lacrosse League Champions Cup Final on Saturday afternoon in Glendale. Go Sting!


Also, the AFL is celebrating Mother's Day with special footballs that will be used at certain points during the game. They also will be given out to random fans at games. The balls will be available for sale, with a portion of the proceeds going to the V Foundation for Cancer Research. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there! And to all you guys, don't forget to at least call your mom on Sunday. It's the least you can do for having her put up with your crap for all those years.


I guess I had more to write for this intermission than I originally thought.


Back to the Super 7...


3. Chicago Rush (8-1) No change

Chicago has won 8 straight games. If they make it 9-in-a-row against Dallas in this week's game, there should be a new #1 next week.


2. Georgia Force (9-1) No changeThis Week in Arena Football - Week 11 Photo

Good news and bad for Georgia. A bye week comes at a nice time in the middle of the season. The bad news for Georgia in this poll is that Chicago and Dallas play each other. If Chicago beats Dallas, which way will the voters go for the new #1?


1. Dallas Desperados (9-1) #1 team for 2nd consecutive week, 10th overall

Dallas won on the road in Utah this week and was able to hold off Georgia in the overall rankings 8.6 to 8.3, despite Georgia having 2 more first place votes.


That's it for This Week in the AFL! Check back next Friday for a recap of this week's action and a preview of the Week 12 games.

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Arena Football Week 11 Super Poll (Edited 05/08/07 09:55PM by Jon)
Read the Article: This Week in Arena Football - Week 11

Each week I will ask you to make predictions based on the results and statistics from the week before.


Last week's winners:



Featured by: CriticalFanatic at 5/10/07 12:14PM
Scored by Jon on 05/16/07 at 02:44AM | Closed on 05/11/07 at 07:00PM
FanIQ Pts? 8 | Arena Football | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer24 Fans 
  1. In Week 10, 1 team scored 70 or more points. How many do so in Week 11? (10 points)
Correct8%a. 0
21%b. 1
63%c. 2
8%d. 3
0%e. 4 or more
  2. Road teams won 5 out of the 9 games in Week 10. How many road teams win in Week 11? (10 points)
0%a. 0 road teams win
13%b. 1-2 road teams win
Correct88%c. 3-4 road teams win
0%d. 5-6 road teams win
0%e. 7 or more road teams win
  3. How many total TDs are scored in this week's game of the week (Chicago @ Dallas)? (10 points)
0%a. 0-8
8%b. 9-11
Correct29%c. 12-14
42%d. 15-17
17%e. 18-20
4%f. 21+
  4. What is the fewest points scored by any team in Week 11? (10 points)
0%a. 0-20 points
21%b. 21-30 points
Correct46%c. 31-35 points
21%d. 36-40 points
13%e. 41-45 points
0%f. 46-50 points
0%g. 51-55 points
0%h. All teams score at least 56 points
  5. What is the highest number of points scored by a losing team in Week 11? (10 points)
4%a. Under 50 points
21%b. 51-55 points
Correct21%c. 56-60 points
29%d. 61-65 points
8%e. 66-70 points
13%f. 71-75 points
4%g. 76+ points
  6. Which of these top scorers from last week scores the most points in Week 11? Previous week's points after team name (10 points)
Correct17%a. Grand Rapids (71)
42%b. Dallas (66)
13%c. Tampa Bay (66)
13%d. Chicago (59)
17%e. Utah (59)
  7. How many total turnovers are there in the Grand Rapids @ Columbus game? (10 points)
0%a. 0
Correct0%b. 1
25%c. 2
54%d. 3
21%e. 4 or more
  8. How many games are decided by 4 points or less in Week 11? (10 points)
0%a. 0
13%b. 1
46%c. 2
Correct33%d. 3
8%e. 4
0%f. 5
0%g. 6
0%h. 7 or more (!)
  Tiebreaker: What is the highest point total scored by a single team in Week 11?
Correct 69

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