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Time to vote, M's fans! (Edited 05/14/07 11:00PM by Jess)
A couple of weeks ago I posted a "Help name the Mariners fan league" forum and poll. I didn't get the amount of responses that I'd hoped for, but I got a couple of good suggestions, and I came up with some other ideas that you can all vote on. I also welcome any other suggestions, and we can re-vote if need be. Listed are some ideas - vote on your favorite or choose "Here's my suggestion..." and comment!
| Closed on 05/30/07 at 05:00PM
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15%a. Mariners Clubhouse
0%b. M's Clubhouse
8%c. The M's Factor
8%d. The Moose Factor
8%e. The Moose Pen
0%f. Moose Lair
23%g. Moose Lodge
0%h. Moose Deck
0%i. Mariners Galley
15%j. The Galley
0%k. Mariners Pier
0%l. Moose Pier
0%m. Pike Place Playhouse
0%n. Pike Place Clubhouse
0%o. Navy & Teal Spiel
0%p. Just leave it "Mariners Fans"
23%q. Here's my suggestion...

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#1 | 2698 days ago

(Edited by Jess)
I'm torn between two of the names, so  I'm clicking "here's my suggestion" - mainly because I came up with a lot of these lol
The Galley  
#2 | 2697 days ago

Here's mine...The Best AAA Ballclub
Here's my suggestion...  
#3 | 2697 days ago

(Edited by Jess)
I thought of another one but rather than put it up in the poll I'll put it here, and you guys can let me know what you think. (Personally, it's my favorite so far)
The Rally Galley or M's Rally Galley
The Galley  
#4 | 2697 days ago

Well since you talk alot about Moose and Mariners...why not call it "The M&M Clubhouse"
Here's my suggestion...  
#5 | 2694 days ago

flhsbagger wrote:
Here's mine...The Best AAA Ballclub
The Galley  
#6 | 2684 days ago

Sodo Mojo!! does no one remember this? it would be perfect!
Here's my suggestion...  
#7 | 2684 days ago

fatmike007 wrote:
Sodo Mojo!! does no one remember this? it would be perfect!
okay slap me up side my head 'cuz I don't remember this lol - but it sounds fun, what is it?
The Galley  
#8 | 2667 days ago

Okay I figured out what Sodo Mojo means: "South of the Dome Magic." Safeco field is just south of where the Kingdome used to be.

It's been rumored that the Mariners stopped using it because it was believed to have been a hexed tag line? However, the opposition to this belief is the claim that regardless of the "magic" and "hex" affiliation, Sodo Mojo just never was a big rally cry with fans.
The Galley  
#9 | 2649 days ago

The new name is Mariner's Moose Lodge - Thanks for all the fun suggestions and stuff guys and girls!
The Galley  
#10 | 2649 days ago

flhsbagger wrote:
Here's mine...The Best AAA Ballclub
I take this comment back...The M's are playing good ball right now!
Here's my suggestion...  
#11 | 1124 days ago

will messi make his magic and score again?....for argentina..the biggest match...ha..wanted to win is argentina....
#12 | 1124 days ago

#13 | 1123 days ago

#14 | 1116 days ago

#15 | 1115 days ago

Go argentina!
#16 | 1114 days ago

#17 | 1100 days ago

Go messi

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