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Pq's sweet Pq's
I have seen alot of pq's since being in the locker room, but one tonight just amazed me, it was in ljheaths turbulence poll. And huskerfan was the recipient on this pq. So I think that since the Q is changing they should make the givers of the Pq's known! I mean if you give them give them proudly, stand by it put your avator next to it! But thats just me, I do not give them I either ignore the comment or say something, what do you guys think ? Should this be another change? (if this poll has already been done I apologize)
| Closed on 11/29/09 at 05:00PM
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30%a. Yes it should be changed.
6%b. no it should be left alone
36%c. I don't care either way
28%d. Beaneaters