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Give Him The Trophy Already!
Now it's over. Jimmie Johnson only needs to finish 10th or better in the final three races of the season to win his fourth consecutive title. Granted, there were three occasions where Johnson did not average a top-10 finish during a three-race stretch, but what is the real likelihood that while Johnson finishes out of the top-10 in three consecutive races, Mark Martin at the same time wins all three races? Yeah, not likely.

Welcome to the Jimmy Show for the rest of the season.  If you could have picked any other driver to win The Championship who would you have picked. 
| Closed on 11/20/09 at 05:00PM
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33 Fans 
27%a. Mart Martien
15%b. Jeff Gordon
27%c. Tony Stewart
6%d. Dale JR
0%e. Ryan Newman
3%f. Kyle Busch
12%g. Juan Montoya
0%h. Ryan Newman
6%i. Kasey Kahne
3%j. Other Driver

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#1 | 1782 days ago an owner/racer...he has certainly performed well
Tony Stewart  
#2 | 1782 days ago

I picked Jeff Gordon just to see him win his 5th and stay ahead of Jimmie. Jimmie is now the master at Hendricks. Mark would of been a real good feel good story. Tony as a first year owner/driver would of been awesome, or Ryan as his teammate. Kyle, I dont know if I would of liked to seen that. He's a pr*ck!.. Juan would of been cool. Kasey as long as he combed his hair, would of been great for Petty Motorsports. Lets see I forgot someone.....uh....ummm.....geez who was it......oh yea Jr. He'd probably bitch and moan on the stand and complain like usual.
I have a poll++Should Nascar drivers look in the mirror before they give interviews? Whats up with them sunglasses? These guys look stupid!!!!   1. yes they look dumb 2. They look cool
Jeff Gordon  
#3 | 1782 days ago

I've picked Juan Pablo, simply because knew who he was and likd him before I started watching NASCAR and I think it would have been a good line for the sport, with having a foreign open wheel driver winning the title. In saying that I woud have loved to see Jeff wi his 5th, Mark win his 1st or Tony win for his own team, or even Jr because I jsut like him...heck who knows it'd just be nice to see someone other than #48 win.Nothing against Jimmie, but I'd just like to see a change
Juan Montoya  
#4 | 1782 days ago

Look to the left and what do you see? LMAO  That is who I would have wanted!
Jeff Gordon  
#5 | 1782 days ago

 i believe that Stewart had arguably the best season overall.
he probably wont win the chase (congrats to jimmy. i hate him but what he does during the chase is amazing)
but for being a driver/owner and having the success he and ryan newman have had makes it to where you have to at least respect what he has done this year. it's a shame he was hot for most of the season until the chase started, but he has a bright future with Stewart-Haas
Tony Stewart  
#6 | 1781 days ago

I'm a Gordon fan so obviously him.  Plus, the Chase has screwed him out of two titles.
Jeff Gordon  
#7 | 1780 days ago

I agree Mike, I'm obviously a Gordon fan but you have to give Tony and Ryan credit.  They have progressed wonderfully this year and definitely deserve respect from not only NASCAR but the fans also.  I'm not a big fan of Tony but I do give him credit for what he has accomplished this year.  I thought when he made this move that it may be a mistake, glad to see that he has flourished in the sport as has Ryan!
Jeff Gordon  
#8 | 1779 days ago

I am still waiting for mark Martin to win his first championship.   He is a very consistant and cool driver.
Mart Martien  
#9 | 1779 days ago

cuddles127017 wrote:
I am still waiting for mark Martin to win his first championship.   He is a very consistant and cool driver.
Yeah Cuddles!! I agree 100%. I LOVE Mark Martin.
Mart Martien  
#10 | 1779 days ago
18packabs (+)

Juan Pablo Montoya.
Juan Montoya  
#11 | 1777 days ago

Boy am I glad I answered this poll's not the Jimmy show now....I really would love to see Smoke win the Cup because of him being an owner /driver this year. But my heart has to say Mark Martin. It's kind of like Senior chasing the elusive Daytona 500, it took him a long time to win it, but he finally did. Mark has been very consistent this year and now he has a shot at the Championship. Sorry to all of Jimmy's fans, but now is Marks opportunity to slide in there and take the Cup. I wish Mark the best of luck and hope he can pull this off!  
Tony Stewart  

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