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NFL Quarterback Poll...Week #9...11/08-09/09.
The NFL heads into week #9 with two undefeated teams left, the New Orleans Saints, and the Indianapoils Colts.
Meanwhile, thanks to the Detroit Lions losing to the winless St. Louis Rams last week, only the 0-7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers remain winless in the NFL. Can the Bucs pull a NFL back-to back 0-16 season, following Detroit's feat in 2008.? Tampa tries to get into the win collum this week in the Battle of the bays, hosting the  Green Bay Packers.
NFL Quarterback Poll...Week #9...11/08-09/09. Photo
Scored by gobigblue1960 on 11/10/09 at 03:22AM | Closed on 11/08/09 at 01:00PM
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  1. Which of these NFL QB's throws for the most yardage this week.? (10 points)
4%a. Matt Schaub @ Colts
11%b. Matt Ryan vs. Redskins
Correct70%c. Drew Brees vs. Carolina
7%d. Donovan McNabb vs. Cowboys
4%e. Kyle Orton vs. Steelers
  2. Which of these NFL QB's throws the most TD passes this week.? (10 points)
63%a. Peyton Manning vs. Houston
Correct4%b. Kurt Warner @ Bears
0%c. Chad Henne @ Patriots
7%d. Carson Palmer vs. Ravens
22%e. Matt Hasselbeck vs. Lions
  3. Which of these NFL QB's gets sacked the most this week.? (10 points)
26%a. Mattew Stafford @ Seahawks
19%b. Ben Roethlisberger @ Broncos
7%c. David Garrard vs. Chiefs
Correct11%d. Eli Manning vs. Chargers
33%e. Tony Romo @ Eagles
  4. Which of these NFL QB's will throw the most INT's this week.? (10 points)
0%a. Jay Cutler vs. Cardinals
Correct4%b. Joe Flacco @ Bengals
4%c. Matt Cassel @ Jaguars
52%d. Josh Freeman vs. Packers
37%e. Vince Young @ 49ers
  5. Charger QB Phillip Rivers faces the man he was traded for, Giants QB Eli Manning, in New York this week. Who throws the most TD passes in the game.? (10 points)
Correct41%a. Phillip Rivers
33%b. Eli Manning
22%c. They both throw the same number of TD passes
0%d. Neither one throws a TD pass.
  Tiebreaker: Total number of TD passes in the Redsking-Falcons game.
Correct 2

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