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Are Quarterback's overprotected?
We all see it practically every game. The defense gets penalized for a late hit on the quarterback.
To me, this is the most over-used penalty in the game.  Defensive linemen (thats right. a full speed 300 lb guy) is expected to practically stop and avoid the quarterback within about a second of the ball leaving the quarterback's hands. Football is football, not ballet. Quarterbacks are football players and can take hits. i understand that quarterbacks need to be protected, but they also have 5 lineman to help out. I'm not saying that the penalty should be thrown out, but i do believe it shouldn't be called as much. What do you think?
| Closed on 12/20/09 at 05:00PM
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0%a. No, they call the penalty only when necessary
0%b. No, they don't call the penalty enough
17%c. Other (Explain)
83%d. Yes, the penalty is called too much

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#1 | 1790 days ago

 i know i probably did a horrible job explaining my point haha

Yes, the penalty is called too much  
#2 | 1789 days ago
TheGregg (+)

Especailly if its Tom Brady  just stand near him and flags fly 
Yes, the penalty is called too much  
#3 | 1789 days ago

yea haha
thats when i first started watching to see how many flags were thrown with this penalty. i think it was week 1 when brady threw a pass and a second later the defender was trying to stop and was pushed into the ground and his hand smacked brady in the knee and he was flagged for it. of course brady jumped and acted it out (like any good player would do trying to help out their team)
Yes, the penalty is called too much  
#4 | 1789 days ago

no matter how its written, explained, tweeked and revamped, it is still a judgement call that is not reviewable. it's how a couple  people on the field interpret it.   i think the QB's are overprotected in some cases. run for 30 yards and slide so you can't be touched. non-sense. you left your safe, happy place. to require a defender to not touch you when he is 1/2 a step away because you slid is nuts. this is not a dance floor. 
Yes, the penalty is called too much  
#5 | 1789 days ago
vindog (+)

Hey NFL QB's:    TAKE OFF THE SKIRTS AND PUT ON SOME SLACKS!!!!   This is a CONTACT sport for Christ's sake!     (***** this message is especially true for TOM BRADY- you big PANSY!********)
Yes, the penalty is called too much  

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