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Would you like to be a fan or fanatic of cricket.? (Edited 12/31/13 04:14PM by SusanVette)
End of season I and beginning of Season II saw the site with lots of bickerings, plain speaking and even words of abuse and violence with words. Cricket is a team game like any other team game, some perform well through out their career, some perform occasionally, then fade out for various reasons, some do not even get a second chance after one or two failure thanks to the system of selection, zonal considerations, some remain seated on bench, entire career, though in the team. Performances are admired, seen with adoring eyes, enjoyed with great joys, fans of cricket see the game as a game, good players are admired, their performances are adored, but when it is fan turning in to fanatic, a person who has only obsession with chosen few, the team of cricket is no more a "team" but one or two man show. 
Fanatics then have greater grind to axe, if performed they exaggerate, if not the actions speak louder than words, burning of effigies, brawls in inebriated fanatic actions of fan turning fanatic,but none are bothered about the team and its non performance at crucial games. So, to understand this mind set, few questions.Please do not participate if you feel this poll is not important, gladly consign it to dustbin.
After seeing at the scenes of violent actions at various stadia, be it a football or cricket match, this is of concern about the fan behavior at such times when stadia burns, innocent fans who watched the game are sufferers.Fanatics escape the scene after the violent actions.
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 1. Would you be a fan or fanatic of a Cricket sport.? (0 points)
14%a. I am a fan of the game, of a team.
14%b. I am fan of sports, but not fanatic of any type.
71%c. Others for Beaneaters
 2. Would you as a fan justify the violence in sports arena., verbal or physical ? (0 points)
33%a. Game is a game, violencein any form, is not part of it.
10%b. without violent actions there is no game.!
57%c. Others for Beaneaters.
 3. Good performances of an individual are appreciated but his role in team is also equally important, for the team, to be mentor to younger players. (0 points)
5%a. No, why should he, he plays for himself and the team is secondary.
57%b. Yes, he plays for the team,motivates the team to gel as a team.
38%c. Shucks , I am fanatic, let all drown, I want my hero, O will bask in his glories , reflected glories are for me.!