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How well do you know Raven73 (Rheda)? (Edited 11/09/09 07:11AM by )
 How well do you know Raven73 (Rheda)? <span style="font-size:12px;">(Edited 11/09/09 07:11AM by )</span> Photo
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 1. Where did I grow up? (0 points)
65%a. Chicago, IL
9%b. St. Louis, MO
12%c. Indianapolis, IN
14%d. Champagne, IL
 2. How many siblings do I have? (0 points)
23%a. 4
47%b. 5
21%c. 6
9%d. 7
 3. Out of my favorite teams, which is my favorite? (0 points)
23%a. Chicago Bears
58%b. Michigan St. Spartans
16%c. Chicago Bulls
2%d. Detroit Red Wings
 4. Out of all the teams I dislike, who do I dislike the most? (0 points)
28%a. Michigan Wolverines
16%b. Pittsburgh Steelers
35%c. Ohio St. Buckeyes
21%d. NY Yankees
 5. What kind of vehicle do I drive? (0 points)
19%a. Honda Pilot
23%b. Ford Escape
37%c. Toyota Highlander
21%d. Chevy Traverse
 6. When is my birthday? (0 points)
30%a. November 18
47%b. December 10
21%c. January 21
2%d. February 15
 7. What is my favorite holiday? (0 points)
16%a. Thanksgiving
70%b. Christmas
14%c. Easter
0%d. New Year's Day
 8. What is my favorite color? (0 points)
47%a. green
26%b. blue
21%c. red
7%d. yellow

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