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How long have you been dancing? (Edited 10/12/10 02:20AM by Jess)
| Closed on 10/12/10 at 05:00PM
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60.6151. How long have you been dancing?

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#1 | 1721 days ago

Being a pisces, i came out of the womb dancing.
#2 | 1721 days ago

I really do not dance, always thought that would be a wonderful hobby. Flash dance and other movies I just loved. I still think that dancing is an art. Love to watch, really do not partake.
#3 | 1721 days ago

I've been dancing for as long as I can remember, and as far as I can tell, that would be at least the past 30 days or so.
#4 | 1721 days ago
18packabs (+)

I can not Dance, I repeat CAN NOT DANCE.....
#5 | 1721 days ago

does dancing on my moms feet count???? well that would be 50 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#6 | 1721 days ago

I was lucky enough to once have a girlfriend who was a dance instructor...well, she was an assistant to a dance instructor. In any case, she'd get invited to social functions put on by the real dance instructor and would expect me to know how to dance. She taught was fun for the most part...

Now I don't dance girl likes to, so everyone once in awhile we'll go out with friends to a club. The problem that I have with clubs is that most of them play horrid music and thus, I'm not big on going out dancing.
#7 | 1721 days ago

if you consider a nervous twitch dancing then about 25 years
#8 | 1721 days ago
Mr_Rogers (+)

Ive been dancing ever since i saw "satruday night fever"  and i never looked back!
#9 | 1721 days ago

10 minutes and 37 seconds and counting
#10 | 1721 days ago

 I have been dancing from the time I could balance myself on my legs....
#11 | 1721 days ago

The_Real_Stoney wrote:
10 minutes and 37 seconds and counting
Must be a remix... 10 mins!?! wow!!!
#12 | 1721 days ago

marcus_nyce wrote:
Must be a remix... 10 mins!?! wow!!!
ipod dance mix... I'm just feelin it this morning
#13 | 1721 days ago

Since I was VERY young (maybe 6 or so). 

Don't know where this poll is going, but hey, sometimes just the straight-up honest answer is best.

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