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Open Fantasy Games - Don't Be Shy!
If you haven't noticed already, FanIQ now has Open Fantasy Games that you can set up and just challenge the first taker, or you can go check them out and take whichever Fantasy challenge that strikes your fancy! 

Don't have any friends? Have too many friends and don't want to single anyone out? Think you can beat ANYONE on the site? Check it out!

To set one up, all you need to do is go to challenge a friend like you normally would, and click "view list of open games" and then "Create your own" at the bottom right corner of the box. To accept an open challenge, go to the same place and just click whichever one you want and follow the prompts! Don't be skurred!

For more information about Open Fantasy Games, check out 100%Injuryrate's blog!
Featured by: Jess at 11/17/09 10:06PM
| Closed on 12/01/09 at 05:00PM
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33 Fans 
 1. Have you set up an Open Challenge yet? (0 points)
36%a. No, but I probably will now
0%b. No, I'm chicken to play against a stranger
18%c. No, I'm chicken one of the fantasy gurus will accept
12%d. No, I don't play fantasy
33%e. Yep, come and get me!
 2. Have you accepted an Open Challenge yet? (0 points)
30%a. No, but I'm going to right now
0%b. No way, I don't want to play strangers
15%c. I'll only accept if I see someone I know who has one opened
12%d. No, I don't play fantasy
42%e. Yep, bring it!

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