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What is the major problem with the Wolverines this year.
I am looking to find out what others think is the major downfall of the wolverines this season.
| Closed on 12/19/09 at 05:00PM
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6%a. Rich Rod/coaching
38%b. Inexperienced Defense
0%c. poor attitude
13%d. lack of depth
13%e. predictable offense
6%f. lack of big play makers
25%g. Other

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#1 | 1806 days ago

Whether it's inexperience, coaching, or lack of talent, their defense just isn't very good.
Inexperienced Defense  
#2 | 1806 days ago

It is all of the above but most of the issues is that he doesn't care about Defense, so in my opinion as long as he is there he will never care about or try to improve the defense..........he will just try to get by with a so-so D and try to outscore opponents.  I keep posting that he is not even trying to improve the D...............of 20 verbal commitments 7 are defensive players and most of the offensive kids are WR and RB's so how do you improve a D when you aren't even recruiting for that side of the line.  I know everyone thinks he needs another year or two, but at this rate he will never compete in the Big 10 and when he is finally kicked to the curb the next coach will be stuck with tiny linemen and 40 WR and RB's and no defensive players to work with..................................time to go.
#3 | 1805 days ago

I agree that that D needs help and coach seems to focus intently on the O. I do feel though that the O doesnt have that game breaker they need either. However the D needs quality D backs and agressive linebackers that can take the pounding on a weekly basis and not wear down. memntally they arent strong either which is all coaching.
Inexperienced Defense  
#4 | 1801 days ago

Brandon Graham and Donovan Warren were playing 11 on 2 all year, and that's just not good. I hope they fix the defense next year.
Go Blue.!
lack of depth  
#5 | 1797 days ago

Rich Rod ain't that good
Rich Rod/coaching  
#6 | 1797 days ago

it's a mix of everything. inexperience is the big thing. they are bound to be better and better under Coach Rod. next year shouldn't be too bad. it's not all coach rodriguez's fault, it's everybody's
#7 | 1784 days ago

RainMan wrote:
Rich Rod ain't that good
Not to be rude but that is a Dumb comment!  Is it the coaches fault when the Qb throws an interception?  Is it the coaches fault when they jump offsides?  Oh yeah he told them on this next play go ahead and hold I want to work on our 1st and 20 plays?  The problem is he is introducing a whole new concept it takes time and we have to let him do what he did at WV!  He is going to win because he is a winner!  Michigan will be tough but we are so young! 

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