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Joke of the Day -- 11/25/2009 (Edited 12/14/09 08:40PM by Seth)
 Joke of the Day -- 11/25/2009 <span style="font-size:12px;">(Edited 12/14/09 08:40PM by Seth)</span> Photo
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106.8571. Joke of the Day -- 11/25/2009

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#1 | 1605 days ago
Mr_Rogers (+)

Thats not funny. Whats the joke supposed to be, a kid went to school and shot up his classmates?    
#2 | 1605 days ago

Unfortunately, this is not funny but all to true today.  Just this last week we had a 15 year old shoot at a cop and the cop had to shoot back.  The cop is o.k. but the tax payers are now paying for this kid to be in intensive care for who knows how long.  Meanwhile his mother is on the news saying what a good kid he is and how he would never do anything like this.  People who leave guns in places where kids can get them should not be allowed to be parents. 
#3 | 1605 days ago

I don't find this funny either.
#4 | 1605 days ago

#5 | 1604 days ago

Not only do I not think it's funny because of the whole taking a gun to school, BUT "Broblem"-----NOT COOL!
#6 | 1604 days ago
Mr_Rogers (+)

kteacher wrote:
Not only do I not think it's funny because of the whole taking a gun to school, BUT "Broblem"-----NOT COOL!
Tell em K, that kid is not in MY class!!        LOL
#7 | 1604 days ago

 Nothing to worry about. When he grow up a little bit, his priorities will shift and he will have BRABLEM then...
#8 | 1604 days ago

#9 | 1603 days ago

The teachers and students killed each year by guns, is amazing. If you would ask teachers, students and parents of those shot and killed they would not say this is a joke.

My prayers go out to families, teachers and students who deal with this as an everyday event.
#10 | 1603 days ago
fasterhurry (+)

Did you have real bullets
#11 | 1576 days ago

 Som, there is wise saying, Tell the truth, tell the truth that is enduring, tell the truth that is pleasent, but never tell any of the truth which hurts.! wise were right...........................................................!

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