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Clown-Face's Sappy Song vol.2
       Today's edition isn't exactly sappy but I like the poll title so sappy stays, also a song that is close to me, most
       have heard it, but it absolutely rocks....enjoy

Clown-Face's Sappy Song vol.2 Photo

| Closed on 12/02/09 at 05:00PM
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46%a. Cool Michael!
15%b. What's a Leon?
0%c. These dudes used to be huge hippies
8%d. Best southern rock band since Skynyrd
31%e. Kings of "Other"

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#1 | 1741 days ago

I like these guys. I have two of their CDs. Nice pick!
Cool Michael!  
#2 | 1741 days ago

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! you're a funny guy Jason
Best southern rock band since Skynyrd  
#3 | 1741 days ago

Well...just funny...I've seen Corrosion live actually, they were pretty good, but not in the Skynyrd category sorry
Best southern rock band since Skynyrd  
#4 | 1741 days ago

Saw them about 10 years ago, they were the opener for Korn and Metallica, they were better than Korn
Best southern rock band since Skynyrd  
#5 | 1741 days ago

Cool song, u got me out of my lethargy
#6 | 1741 days ago

3 brothers and a cousin make up the band..great song. I love southern rock, my fav being The Allmans. sorry I`m old.LOL

#7 | 1741 days ago

Great tune. I actually did a poll about this song a few months back. For me, I can't listen to this song without it reminding me of some ole Bob Segar tunes. The flow and beat just sounds like something the Silver Bullets could have done.
#8 | 1740 days ago

I actually like this song.  
Cool Michael!  

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