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Who Do you believe is the best team in the NFL division leaders only
I want to know who you think is the strongest division leader as of today based on all division leaders in the NFL
| Closed on 12/05/09 at 05:00PM
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Team Breakout:
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0%a. Arizona
0%b. Cincinnati
4%c. Dallas
26%d. Indianapolis
17%e. Minnesota
0%f. New England
48%g. New Orleans
4%h. Sandiego

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#1 | 1726 days ago

While I obviously have a homer tie to Mn I truly see them as the most complete team right now in the NFL. I know the Colts are superb as well as the Saints.. I just see the Vikings right now playing as a whole unit and not slacking or playing down to the competition like they used to. They have so many weapons on offense and thier main one in Peterson while having a solid season has been the weakest "link" so far. I can only hope they continue to play and play as well as they have as of late. I certainly hope an NFC Champ game is coming as well as a super bowl winning celebration is coming with it. Go Vikes!!!
#2 | 1726 days ago

it's time we get our "dues" paid back. the bowl would be VERY exciting to see the vikings and saints play!!!!!! i feel sorry for anyone within hollering distance from me, as i would lose my voice from screamingwith delite to see them finally take on for the TEAM. mn rules!!!!!!! even if its colder!!!!!       
#3 | 1726 days ago

MINNESOTA PURPLE PEOPLE EATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
#4 | 1726 days ago

I hate to say it being a Packer fan but the best has got to be the Vikings.  They have a great QB, a great RB, some pretty good WR's and a defense that nobody wants to play.

#5 | 1726 days ago

New Orleans  
#6 | 1726 days ago

I'm picking based on Net Points

Saints 186 (as of 4th quarter vs NE)
Vikings 139
Colts 120
Patriots 105 (as of 4th quarter vs NO)

This is a good poll question, but I would've liked to have seen it as a list choice where we pick a few and rank them.
New Orleans  
#7 | 1726 days ago

New Orleans  
#8 | 1723 days ago

#9 | 1723 days ago

#10 | 1722 days ago

Sorry folks, but this has been a long time coming ... 42years and the time is now !!!   GEAUXXX SAINTS !!!

New Orleans  
#11 | 1719 days ago

After yesterdays games I would have to say that the saints while lucky found a way to win but the Colts contineu to roll. The vikings played lazily and didnt seem to have focus what so ever. They wont go far if they play that way. The saints have shown a wee bit of weekness as well. This is a topsy turvy season one which I hope will turn out to be as exciting at the end as it has been through the first 3/4 of season

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