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"Let's Play the Newlywed Game" 1 (Edited 12/02/09 07:22PM by )
How long will your husband say he can go without  sex before his personality starts to change?
| Closed on 01/01/10 at 05:00PM
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14%a. Hours
30%b. Days
3%c. Week
11%d. Month
43%e. or other

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#1 | 1786 days ago

 Oops! wrong poll for me to gatecrash in...
#2 | 1786 days ago

being a man,,, if in a relationship 3 days unless nature calling is the max
#3 | 1786 days ago

Well somebody wise once said we have our destinies in our own hands.
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#4 | 1786 days ago

it depends, is it voluntary (ie .. that time of the month) or is it involuntary ... (ie...the wife is being stingy)

If it's voluntary, then a week or so.

If it's involuntary then the personality change is pretty much instant.
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#5 | 1786 days ago
18packabs (+)

I am thinking the time it took me to read this was too long.......
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#6 | 1786 days ago

Insatiable is one of my most favorite words.
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#7 | 1786 days ago

Where can I find one of these insatiable women you speak of?
#8 | 1786 days ago

It's funny how this poll has been so far mostly answered by men.
#9 | 1786 days ago

Michael_G wrote:
Insatiable is one of my most favorite words.
Insatiable is one of my favorite songs.
#10 | 1785 days ago

My man can go days and days w/o sex, he works so much and is exhausted, I have learned that it is worth the wait, and it is nice that our relationship is based on more than that.  Frustrating--Hell yes. 
#11 | 1785 days ago

I don't have a husband but if i ever get another one, i will let you know.
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#12 | 1784 days ago

for me she'd say minutes
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#13 | 1784 days ago

for me 3-4 days, for her 3-4 months, LOL. 
#14 | 1781 days ago

15, 20 minutes.  Let's do it again!!!
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#15 | 1781 days ago

Watcha' doin' later?
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#16 | 1760 days ago

streetballer123 wrote:
It's funny how this poll has been so far mostly answered by men.
not really..once a day is fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   
#17 | 1759 days ago

Well, i think my wife would say that i am quite patient, thank you very much.
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