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PENN STATE @ LSU Capital One Bowl Poll!

CAPITAL ONE BOWL MATCHUP:  #13 PENN STATE NITTANY LIONS vs. #12 LSU Tigers @ Florida Citrus Bowl in Orlando, FL.

Kickoff is set for Friday, Jan. 1 @ 1:00pm EST on ABC.


* If any player doesn't play, his replacement's stats will be counted.

Scored by qtowndogg on 01/03/10 at 11:03PM | Closed on 01/01/10 at 01:00PM
FanIQ Pts? 8 | NCAAF, Penn St. Nittany Lions, LSU Tigers | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Teams:  Penn State football
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer30 Fans 
  1. Who will win this game? (10 points)
Correct7%a. Penn State by 1-3
30%b. Penn State by 4-13
3%c. Penn State by 14+
40%d. LSU by 1-13
20%e. LSU by 14-23
0%f. LSU by 24+
  2. How many passing yards for Daryll Clark (Penn State)? (9 points)
7%a. 0-150
50%b. 151-200
Correct33%c. 201-249
10%d. 250-299
0%e. 300-349
0%f. 350+
  3. How many passing yards for Jordan Jefferson (LSU)? (9 points)
10%a. 0-150
43%b. 151-200
Correct20%c. 201-249
27%d. 250-299
0%e. 300-349
0%f. 350+
  4. Which running back will have the most rushing yards? (8 points)
3%a. Evan Royster (Penn State) by 1-9
17%b. Evan Royster (Penn State ) by 10-19
Correct53%c. Evan Royster (Penn State ) by 20+
0%d. Charles Scott (LSU) by 1-9
13%e. Charles Scott (LSU) by 10-19
13%f. Charles Scott (LSU) by 20+
  5. How many receiving yards for Chaz Powell (Penn State)? (6 points)
Correct3%a. 0-39
27%b. 40-69
60%c. 70-99
7%d. 100-124
3%e. 125-149
0%f. 150+
  6. Which is most likely to happen in the game? (5 points)
10%a. Penn State wins by 14+
20%b. LSU wins by 14+
7%c. Evan Royster has 2+ rushing TD's
10%d. Brandon LaFell has 7+ receptions
37%e. A FG is made of 40+ yards out
3%f. Daryll Clark throws for over 300 yards
7%g. A punt/kick return for a TD occurs in the game
Correct7%h. none of this happens
  7. Which is most likely to happen in the game? (5 points)
10%a. Any receiver has a 150+ yard receiving day?
20%b. The total amount of points in the game are 31 or under
0%c. The total amount of points in the game is 61 or over
13%d. The Penn State defense records 4 sacks or more
23%e. LSU kicks 3 or more FGs
10%f. There are 5 turnovers or more in the game
0%g. The 1st quarter ends 0-0
Correct23%h. none of this happens
  8. Which non-QB gets the most total yards from scrimmage? (2 points)
37%a. Evan Royster, RB (Penn State)
3%b. Charles Scott, RB (LSU)
7%c. Chaz Powell, WR (Penn State)
Correct20%d. Brandon LaFell, WR (LSU)
0%e. Graham Zug, WR (Penn State)
20%f. Terrance Toliver, WR (LSU)
3%g. other player on Penn State
10%h. other player on LSU
  Tiebreaker: How many points will Penn State score!?
Correct 19

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#1 | 1760 days ago

Let's go Lions!
1. Penn State by 1-3  2. 201-249  3. 250-299  4. Evan Royster (Penn State ) by 20+  5. 70-99  6. none of this happens  7. LSU kicks 3 or more FGs  8. Evan Royster, RB (Penn State)  
#2 | 1760 days ago

I think the Tigers win, but expect the Lions to play them close.  We have 3 running backs out for the season and a few on defense
and just beat up all year by other SEC teams....Miles will probably not have a superior game plan, but we win by maybe a touchdown in spite of Miles and his anemic offensive coaching staff.
1. LSU by 1-13  2. 151-200  3. 250-299  4. Evan Royster (Penn State ) by 20+  5. 100-124  6. A FG is made of 40+ yards out  7. The total amount of points in the game are 31 or under  8. Terrance Toliver, WR (LSU)  
#3 | 1760 days ago
Louisiana_Woman (+)

No one should forget that LSU was supposed to loose to Ga Tech in the bowl game last year and won by what? 30 points? Something like that, anyway point being that the Tigers take whatever bowl game they get as serious as a National Championship. GEAUX TIGERS!
1. LSU by 14-23  2. 151-200  3. 201-249  4. Charles Scott (LSU) by 20+  5. 70-99  6. LSU wins by 14+  7. none of this happens  8. other player on LSU  
#4 | 1752 days ago

Keep in mind LSU has John Chavis as their Defensive Coordinator. He was Tennessee's coordinator and Associate Head Coach for many years. One of the best assistant coaches in the country.

State has not run trick plays in recent games so it will be interesting to see what happens.

I have not seen a lot of LSU this year but expect a close game. Clark should not try to force the action. Chavis will do his best to confuse him.

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