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Colts @ Broncos 12/13 @1PM
 Next game for the Colts is Dec. 13  @ 1PM, where they host the Denver Broncos.  ALL questions pertain to just this game.  Happy Polling!!
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FanIQ Pts? 8 | NFL | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Teams:  Denver Broncos
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer19 Fans 
  1. What is the total score for this game of both teams? (10 points)
0%a. Under 20 points
5%b. 20-29 points
26%c. 30-39 points
Correct63%d. 40-49 points
5%e. 50-59 points
0%f. More than 60 points
  2. Do the Colts score more than 24 points against the Broncos this week? (5 points)
Correct79%a. Yes
21%b. No
  3. Do the Broncos score more than 21 points? (5 points)
37%a. Yes
Correct63%b. No
  4. Which yardage total is more in this game? (10 points)
Correct5%a. Broncos' passing yards
84%b. Indianapolis Colts' passing yards
11%c. Broncos' rushing yards + Colts' rushing yards
  5. Who scores the most scoreboard points out of these players? (not fantasy points) (10 points)
5%a. All Broncos RBs
21%b. All Broncos WRs and TEs
5%c. Reggie Wayne + Colts Defense
Correct42%d. Pierre Garcon + Austin Collie + Dallas Clark
21%e. All Colts RBs
0%f. Matt Stover
5%g. Broncos K
  6. Which of these is more in this game? (10 points)
5%a. FGs made by the Broncos.
Correct68%b. # of touchdowns thrown by Peyton Manning.
11%c. Fumble recoveries + interceptions made by the Broncos.
0%d. # of touchdowns thrown by Kyle Orton.
5%e. FGs made by the Colts.
11%f. # of interceptions thrown by Kyle Orton.
  7. Oh yea, BTW, who wins this game? (10 points)
16%a. Broncos.
63%b. Colts by less than 10 points.
Correct16%c. Colts by 11-17 points.
5%d. Colts by 18 points or more.
  8. Do any of these units score a touchdown in this game? (10 points)
16%a. Broncos Defense does.
16%b. Colts Defense does
0%c. Broncos KR/PR teams do.
0%d. Colts KR/PR teams do.
Correct68%e. None of these units do.
  Tiebreaker: What is the number of 1st downs in this game by the Colts?
Correct 21

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#1 | 1591 days ago

1. 50-59 points  2. Yes  3. Yes  4. Indianapolis Colts' passing yards  5. Pierre Garcon + Austin Collie + Dallas Clark  6. # of touchdowns thrown by Peyton Manning.  7. Colts by less than 10 points.  8. Colts Defense does  
#2 | 1569 days ago

#3 | 1568 days ago


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