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Dodge#9's Thong Of The YEAR 2009 Tournament Round #1 (JULY v. AUGUST)

The wait is finally over.  It is now time for FanIQ to crown the ALMIGHTY...................


The process will be in single-elimination tournament format.  With 2 monthly winners squaring off against one another every 2 weeks or when I see fit. Until only one remains and will forever be known as FanIQ's Thong of 2009. Vote wisely for you may never see the losers again muuuu haaaaaa haaaaa ha.... ehem cough cough....


Here is your first match up.


Miss July (Originally posted 7-15-09)  

Stats: 67 Answers, 34 Comments recieved , 42 Respect/Thumbs up 

 Dodge#9's Thong Of The YEAR 2009 Tournament Round #1 (JULY v. AUGUST) Photo






Miss August (Originally posted 8-5-09)  

Stats: 59 Answers, 40 Comments recieved, 42 Respect/Thumbs up

Dodge#9's Thong Of The YEAR 2009 Tournament Round #1 (JULY v. AUGUST) Photo

| Closed on 12/24/09 at 05:00PM
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93 Fans 
45%a. July
55%b. August

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#2 | 1722 days ago

I'm sorry skinny mariah carey, but you lose this time
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#1 | 1722 days ago

#2 | 1722 days ago

I'm sorry skinny mariah carey, but you lose this time
#3 | 1722 days ago

Miss July 4 sure 
#4 | 1722 days ago

I like Big Butts
#5 | 1721 days ago

The_Real_Stoney wrote:
I'm sorry skinny mariah carey, but you lose this time
Skinny Mariah
go back like babies with pacifiers
Ol' Dirt Nyce no liar
Keep your fantasy hot like fire

LMFAO! Stoney have I told you that at least twice a day, you're the wind beneath my drunken wings?
#6 | 1721 days ago

It's really hard to vote on this one, knowing full well these weren't even the best looking "thongs" in their respective months.  So, Mariah that looks kinda like an orangutan or the lazy 20 year old?  HMMMMMMMM?
#7 | 1721 days ago

I like August. It appears to me that she has not been photoshopped to oblivion like the other picture has. So she gets my vote just for keeping it real !!

Well, that and other things too. Like the lighting and shadows in the picture, composition, pose, tone, great smile ... all the usual things.
#8 | 1721 days ago

August, definitely.  I love the blue outfit that July is wearing, the attitude and eagerness of August wins by a mile.
#9 | 1721 days ago

  that reach out and grab me close up just gets me every time
#10 | 1721 days ago

It's often said that  August is the hottest Month of the Year. I think we just found the proof.!!
#11 | 1721 days ago

August has a better tanned behind and is in a better position.
#12 | 1721 days ago

Tough one.  July has a freaking incredible body but her face is killing me. 

I'd like to see a little more of August.  Maybe a big red hand print on that @$$!!!
#13 | 1720 days ago

 Smile is truly turn on, only July, for that smile.
#14 | 1720 days ago

What Woody said...
#15 | 1720 days ago

MIKELIN8 wrote:
What Woody said...
Are you talking about Woody from Fan Iq or Woody from Toy Story because Woody from Toy Story said "I got a snake in my boot!"
#16 | 1720 days ago

MIKELIN8 wrote:
What Woody said...
Woody, as in the fella above ^^^.
#17 | 1718 days ago

It's not even a contest August fosho!!  Close this one up and move on!
#18 | 1718 days ago

These are two monthly finalists?  Hmmm.  Next set, please.
#19 | 1718 days ago
18packabs (+)

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia, July brings back some Brady Bunch thoughts.........
#20 | 1716 days ago

July needs more booty, August needs less thong!
#21 | 1715 days ago

Oh.... I love August but July is the winner in my book!!! August would be a great appetizer, but July is the main course!!
#22 | 1715 days ago

July without a doubt.
#23 | 1711 days ago

skirchner77 wrote:
July without a doubt.
But not without a paper bag.
#24 | 1709 days ago

(Edited by PoppyGrande)
 Ms.August, by a  landslide!
#25 | 1709 days ago

August by far...

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