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What is the best prank you pulled off? (Edited 12/14/09 11:15AM by Cowgirl200)
just intrested
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#5 | 1742 days ago

A good one I thought of.

Create a poll titled "Would you love to inherit a million dollars", or something that everybody would say yes to. After you get so many replies of, "Hell Yes and Definitely" change the title of the poll to something disgusting, like "Would you screw Rosie O'Donnell"
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#1 | 1742 days ago

too many...
#2 | 1742 days ago

I can't tell, because it was on here a year ago and some of our victims might get offended if they were to read it and find out.

My advice is to not give out your email address in spammy private messages asking for relationships, you might not like the return mail.
#3 | 1742 days ago

just intested?
#4 | 1742 days ago

(Edited by Kenne)
I saw a few good ideas for pranks in an early episode of Seinfeld. One involving putting concrete mix in a washing machine, because the guy who owns the laundromat was suspected of stealing money from laundry. The other is slipping a "mickey" into somebody's drink, as a revenge tactic for getting fired.

Pulling these off would take quite a bit of skill, but I have considered them on occasion.

#5 | 1742 days ago

A good one I thought of.

Create a poll titled "Would you love to inherit a million dollars", or something that everybody would say yes to. After you get so many replies of, "Hell Yes and Definitely" change the title of the poll to something disgusting, like "Would you screw Rosie O'Donnell"
#6 | 1741 days ago

Banana in the Tailpipe. Kinda worked, but it wasn't the point.
#7 | 1741 days ago

Created a web page file and saved it on the computer, changed the home page of the internet browser to my file.

My hijacked web page was coded to wait about half a second and then connect with my victe, er, buddy's original home page so he wouldn't suspect anything.  Randomly (meaning I was nowhere around when it happened, and therefore could not be blamed) the page would give random alerts warning about virus' or other problems, about 10 or 15 alerts in all, where he had to click 'OK' to clear each one.  Then the page would go on to his regular home page.  Of course, unless he fixed it, every time he hit the 'Home' button, it would go to my hidden page first.
#8 | 1741 days ago

I don't do pranks.
#9 | 1741 days ago

The last 1 I did was to a guy I worked with he was always leaving his stuff laying around , So when I found his cell phone I changed the screen saver on it  and switched it to Spanish. After a few minutes of watching him mess around with it he gave it to me and said fiX this 
#10 | 1740 days ago

(Edited by b213sep)
every other day I keep on doing them and there's such a long list that I just don't know which one to put first..
#11 | 1726 days ago

we were deployed in Bosina in 96 had this soldier who hated to wake up in the morning, we waited one morning before morning formation an this soldier was still asleep. and he was wraped up inside of his sleeping bag, we held him in his sleeping bag, got a whole roll of duct tape and tape him to his cot (use the whole roll) (he look like a big worm trying to get out) well, his head was still sticking out the top and we lifted the cot up and carryed him to formation with us, when we got there we stood the cot up so he wouldnt be late.  1SG thought it was funny as hell. the soldier was never late after that!!!!!!
#12 | 1726 days ago
cubsgirl2 (+)

 I had my sister on april fools day believing she won the publishers clearing house sweepstakes I rented the black van had people jump out with balloons the whole thing. It was great!!!! She was pissed.
#13 | 1717 days ago

I have this friend that my mom hates mostly cause whenever we hang out i end up getting into some kind of trouble...but him and i have been close since kindergardin..well my mom would not let us spend time together so him and i got pretty mad and he came up with an awesome plan...we decided to tell my mom that him and i were gettting married next month u should have seen the lock on her face!! anyway his cousin is a wedding planner and made it look so much more went on for about two was great..even though after words my mom grounded me for life it was worth it
#14 | 1717 days ago

i switched the "m" and "n" keys on my bosses keyboard one day and i thought he was seriously going to throw someone out of the window from the frustration. when he went for a smoke break i replaced them out of fear of someone getting fired. i ended up being the one to write the complaint to the keyboard company.

the boyfriend i was living with in college was having a bad day involving student loans and not getting the spot on drumline he'd desperately wanted. anyway, it was gloomy and while he was in class, i spent the morning tearing an entire newspaper into teeny shreds and stuffing them into his closed umbrella which i knew he'd be back for at lunch time. he never said anything about it, but when i went to my afternoon classes i saw right outside the dorm, there was a pile of newspaper shreds plastered to the ground with rain. i wish i could have seen his little one-man ticker tape parade, but just seeing the remnants of it was good enough.

same boyfriend: i posted two different signs all over the campus. one was for his "lost" goldfish named Swimmy and had an award for the finder. the other was a sale ad for his used underpants..."sans skidmarks!!"...oh yeah. he really loved that. anyway, both had his dorm phone number and when he got back to the dorm, his answering machine was full and his phone was ringing off the hook in response to both.
#15 | 1712 days ago

I didnt feeel like working .. I went to my boss scatching my crch. Started touching him < as I explained I hads A one night stand>
   Needless to say I got the day off .
#16 | 1709 days ago

i did this oldie but goody this morning at work:
ahhhh...the classics never die. the best part was seeing folks react. i saw a whole lot of "are you kidding me, is there really a banana peel on the floor?" "what are you, twelve?" and "what are you, a cartoon character?"

Produce by Chiquita
Based on a Short Story by Leigh M.
Staring Sue's Banana Peel as The Banana Peel and Sue's Foot as Itself

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