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Who would you rather have on your team?
Adrian Peterson Vs Chris Johsnson
| Closed on 01/14/10 at 05:00PM
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Team Breakout:
60 Fans 
45%a. Adrian Peterson
55%b. Chris Johnson

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#1 | 1770 days ago

I'll always believe that AP is best back in football. He's fast, physcial, and gives 100% on every play, however he does have a fumbling problem. I'm hoping he learns to grow out of that.
Adrian Peterson  
#2 | 1770 days ago
BlondeKitten (+)

Chris Johnson......
Chris Johnson  
#3 | 1769 days ago
rsteven45 (+)

Chris Johnson, because he should have the longer career.
Chris Johnson  
#4 | 1769 days ago

May be true, however Adrian Peterson will have the better career.
Adrian Peterson  
#5 | 1769 days ago

alexanderlawson wrote:
May be true, however Adrian Peterson will have the better career.
Just Hope He Holds On To The Ball A Little More Carefully...
Chris Johnson  
#6 | 1769 days ago

(Edited by sportnwood1991)
chris isdefinitely faster but peterson has better vision,more power, and they are tied with elusiveness however peterson fumbles toodamn much...sumtimes idont trust him
but i choose Payton over both
Adrian Peterson  
#7 | 1768 days ago

Adrian Peterson is the best
Adrian Peterson  
#8 | 1760 days ago
BDV4U (+)

AP is a better RB, but Johnson is a better overall offensive weapon.
Chris Johnson  
#9 | 1747 days ago

Overall I think CJ is better right now.  If AP didnt fumble the ball so much I think he might be slightly better.
Chris Johnson  
#10 | 1745 days ago
Cop4Cubs (+)

AP is the better athlete and punisher but he still has alot to learn technique wise as a premiere back.
Adrian Peterson  
#11 | 1742 days ago

I find it hard to against AP even with his fumbles and I know Chris Johnson just ran everyone over this year and he had an outstanding line open those gaps and lanes,but i pick AP just on pure desire alone,and I'm not saying Johnson doesn't have the same desire,but my belief is Peterson may have just an ounce more of desire.We all know Titans had more options than just Johnson but until Farve and Harvin were added we knew what was coming from the Vik's, a big dose of AP.Certainly with an addition of either on your team couldn't hurt.
Adrian Peterson  
#12 | 1742 days ago

They are both great backs but I think with AP's fumble issues and Johnson's better receiving abilities, i would rather have Johnson on my team.
Chris Johnson  
#13 | 1741 days ago

until there are no fumbles it belongs to Chris Johnson!
Chris Johnson  

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