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Johnny Cash (Edited 12/17/09 12:14AM by Seth)
Johnny Cash <span style="font-size:12px;">(Edited 12/17/09 12:14AM by Seth)</span> Photo

In an attempt to broaden FanIQ's (and my) music appreciation, I'm going to create a series of polls about various bands, some famous, some not so, and some you may have never heard of.
Your job is to let the other members of the Q know what songs that absolutely must have plus the songs they may not have heard before.
If someone already mentioned a song you were going to say, say it again or give it some respect. The recommendations a song gets the more people know which songs are really worth checking out.
And if you hate the band of have no clue who they are, I'll have an option for you too.
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 1. What songs are a must for anyone to have? (0 points)
57%a. This song.
43%b. These songs.
0%c. I've never heard of them.
0%d. I don't like them.
 2. What more obscure song would you recommend someone give a listen to? (0 points)
64%a. This song.
7%b. These songs.
29%c. I only know their famous stuff.
0%d. If I didn't know their well known songs, I won't know any obscure one either.
0%e. They still suck.
 3. What similar artists would you recommend people listen to? (0 points)
64%a. These guys.
36%b. No freaking clue.
0%c. If I don't like them, it's doubtful I could recommend someone like them,

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