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Who to start at WR? (Edited 12/18/09 01:22PM by qtowndogg)
Well it's week 2 of my ESPN fantasy playoffs, and I need a little help at the wide receiver position.  I guess it's a good problem to have, but I have 4 WR's that are in ESPN's top 20 for Week 15's projections.  Steve Smith (Carolina), Sidney Rice (Minnesota), Miles Austin (Dallas), or Greg Jennings (Green Bay)?  I'm leaning towards Smith and Rice, but who do you think I should start?  This is a standard-scoring league with NO points-per-reception, 1 point for each 10 yards, and 6 points for each TD.

Here are each player's matchups:

Steve Smith, CAR: vs. Minnesota (Sunday @ 8:20pm)
Sidney Rice, MIN: @ Carolina (Sunday @ 8:20pm)
Miles Austin, DAL: @ New Orleans (Saturday @ 8:20pm)
Greg Jennings, GB: @ Pittsburgh (Sunday @ 4:15pm)

NOTE:  Smith and Rice don't play until Sunday night, but Austin plays Saturday night and Jennings on Sunday afternoon.  I will need to close this poll Saturday night for that purpose.
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Rank17 FansAvg (1st)
1.Sidney Rice, MIN (@ Car)3.6 (13)
2.Miles Austin, DAL (@ NO)2.2 (3)
3.Greg Jennings, GB (@ Pit)2.2 (1)
4.Steve Smith, CAR (vs. MIN)1.9