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Who is the best trash talker in the UFC
Who do you think talks the most/best trash in the UFC
| Closed on 05/01/10 at 05:00PM
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Team Breakout:
29 Fans 
7%a. Brock Lesnar
3%b. Rashad Evans
7%c. Frank Mir
7%d. BJ Penn
17%e. Michael Bisping
0%f. Matt Hughes
0%g. Branden Vera
17%h. Rampage
41%i. Other

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#1 | 1768 days ago

#2 | 1751 days ago

i'm actually going to agree with that because tito factors in getting his oonent emotionally riled u with his trash talk into his gamelan's. but i'll also add it could be chuck liddel, certainly not for most trash talked, but the few times he did say 'i'm going to knock him out', everyone knew he meant it and that he would do it.
#3 | 1750 days ago

I agree, Tito! He's always talking out the side of his neck.&nbs; In ast i was amused and laughed but now he's not seeming to be able to back it u. I think it's just talk to give himself confidence. Another one that reminds me of him is Frank Triggs, before he fought Matt Hughes both times and got choked out..Hmm wonder if he was still talking while he was sleeing?
#4 | 1737 days ago

rampage...tito...diego was talking mad shit to bj till he got his ass whipped
#5 | 1735 days ago

joshfif wrote:
rampage...tito...diego was talking mad shit to bj till he got his ass whipped
diego is one of the most respectful fighters in mma, i don't think he was talking 'mad shit' at all, just expressing confidence the same way bj does before every fight.
#6 | 1709 days ago

Oops, Didn't Notice Bisping On The Original List.
#7 | 1708 days ago

BJ Penn  
#8 | 1653 days ago

 Tito or Chael Sonnen. Sonnen talks alot of smack himself.

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