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Who is most likely to get an Upset win in Week 16?
Which 1 of these teams do u think can pull of an upset in Week 16 (Games with playoff implications)?
| Closed on 12/27/09 at 01:00PM
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Team Breakout:
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7%a. Chiefs win at Bengals (CIN has not clinched the AFC North yet)
0%b. Seahawks win at Packers
7%c. Jaguars win at Patriots
2%d. Buccaneers win at Saints (N.O. has not clinched the No. 1 seed yet)
23%e. Panthers win at Giants
14%f. Jets hand the Colts their 1st loss of the season
16%g. Broncos win at Eagles
21%h. Redskins beat Cowboys
9%i. Bears beat Vikings (MIN has not clinched a 1st-round BYE yet)

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