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Jaguars @ Browns 1-3-10 (Player Poll)
kickoff is set for 1:00  Browns are riding a 3 game win streak...shocking news in itself.  Go Browns!!!  Here is a Player Poll.  Replacement stats WiLL NOT be used.  More than one may be correct for some
Scored by derms33 on 01/03/10 at 01:39PM | Closed on 01/03/10 at 01:00PM
FanIQ Pts? 8 | NFL, Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Teams:  Cleveland Browns
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer16 Fans 
  1. Who throws for the most yards? (10 points)
25%a. Derek Anderson
Correct69%b. David Garrard
0%c. other Browns QB
0%d. other Jags Player
6%e. Josh Cribbs
  2. Who rushes for the most yards? (10 points)
Correct44%a. Jerome Harrison
44%b. Maurice Jones Drew
13%c. Chris Jennings
0%d. Rashard Jennings
0%e. David Garrard
0%f. Josh Cribbs
  3. Who will have the most Receiving yards? (10 points)
31%a. Muhammad Massaquoi
31%b. Mike Sims-Walker
6%c. Evan Moore
6%d. Marcedes Lewis
13%e. Maurice Jones Drew
0%f. Josh Cribbs
Correct6%g. other Jag
6%h. Other Brown
  4. Which of these players record a sack? (10 points)
0%a. Marcus Benard
19%b. Darryl Smith
0%c. John Henderson
25%d. Kam Wimbley
31%e. Derrick Harvey
6%f. Matt Roth
13%g. other Jag
Correct6%h. other Brown
  5. Who will record an int? (10 points)
Correct25%a. Eric Wright
6%b. Mike Adams
25%c. Brandon McDonald
13%d. Reggie Nelson
13%e. Rashean Mathis
6%f. Justin Durant
6%g. David Bowens
6%h. none of these
  6. Which will be the highest? (10 points)
25%a. KR Yards by Josh Cribbs
19%b. Passing Yards by Derek Anderson
25%c. Rushing Yards by Jerome Harrison
0%d. Rushing yards by Maurice Jones Drew
Correct31%e. Passing yards by David Garrard
  7. Which player will have the most receptions? (10 points)
13%a. Maurice Jones Drew
13%b. Josh Cribbs
25%c. Mike Sims Walker
31%d. Muhammad Massaquoi
Correct6%e. Mike Thomas
13%f. Evan Moore
0%g. Marcedes Lewis
0%h. Jerome Harrison
  8. Who scores the 1st TD in the Game? (10 points)
56%a. Maurice Jones Drew
19%b. Jerome Harrison
0%c. Mike Sims-Walker
Correct19%d. Josh Cribbs
0%e. Mike Thomas
6%f. David Garrard
0%g. Chris Jennings
0%h. ANY defensive player
  Tiebreaker: How many yards will the LONGEST pass play cover?
Correct 31

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#1 | 1758 days ago

Lets go BROWNS
1. David Garrard  2. Jerome Harrison  3. other Jag  4. Matt Roth  5. Mike Adams  6. KR Yards by Josh Cribbs  7. Maurice Jones Drew  8. Josh Cribbs  

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