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Dallas doesn't draft Steve Walsh?
Just wondering....? When Dallas selected Troy Aikman #1 overall, they also used their 1st rd pick for the next year by taking Steve Walsh in the supplemental draft. This would of given them the #1 pick the next year also(Jeff George ring a bell). Junior Seau was tops on Jimmy's list of players. Blair Thomas was also the top rated rb. Dallas made due with that kid from Florida, Emmitt somebody. The 3 part question is, does Dallas still make the "Deal of the Century" in the post-season w/ Minnesota knowing they would of had the #1 overall, who does Dallas draft #1, and how many championships does Jimmy and the 'Boys win?
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176.8331. Dallas doesn't draft Steve Walsh?

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#1 | 1692 days ago

 cool quiz
#2 | 1691 days ago

Well the trade happened in October of 1989. Plus Dallas used Minnesota's #1 and a few other picks to move up in that draft to get Smith. Also when Dallas took Walsh they didnt know they were going to go 1-15.Like any coach is going into a season thinking that. When JJ made the trade before the trading deadline he knew Dallas was not going to do anything so he did what he thought was best for the future of the Cowboys
#3 | 1666 days ago


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