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Baseball Hall of Fame Re-Do: Davis-Feller
The Hall of Fame debate continues in earnest after the election of Andre Dawson. But what if there was a re-do, in which every player currently in the Hall of Fame had to reevaluated with the same 75% barrier as the current system allows. What if it was just a one-shot "yes/no" question, as some think the voting should be?  Some also think there should be less players in the Hall. These series of polls will allow them to give their say on who they'd take out.

In this series of polls, every player that was elected by either the writers or the Veterans Committee will be reevaluated. Like the current process, 75% of the vote is required to stay in the Hall. This vote will not include managers, umpires, executives, or Negro League players (the latter because I honestly doubt many of us could properly judge those players due to their circumstances, I know I couldn't). Who would the Q keep in the Hall? Who would they leave out? Only one way to find out.

Note: For each player, I included their year inducted and how, BBWAA for elected by the writers, and VC for elected by the Veterans Committee.
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Team Breakout:
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 1. George Davis (1998, VC) (0 points)
25%a. Yes
75%b. No
 2. Andre Dawson (2010, BBWAA) (0 points)
58%a. Yes
42%b. No
 3. Dizzy Dean (1953, BBWAA) (0 points)
75%a. Yes
25%b. No
 4. Ed Delahanty (1945, VC) (0 points)
67%a. Yes
33%b. No
 5. Bill Dickey (1954, BBWAA) (0 points)
92%a. Yes
8%b. No
 6. Joe DiMaggio (1955, BBWAA) (0 points)
92%a. Yes
8%b. No
 7. Larry Doby (1998, VC) (0 points)
83%a. Yes
17%b. No
 8. Bobby Doerr (1986, VC) (0 points)
58%a. Yes
42%b. No
 9. Don Drysdale (1984, BBWAA) (0 points)
100%a. Yes
0%b. No
 10. Hugh Duffy (1945, VC) (0 points)
42%a. Yes
58%b. No
 11. Dennis Eckersley (2004, BBWAA) (0 points)
92%a. Yes
8%b. No
 12. Johnny Evers (1946, VC) (0 points)
50%a. Yes
50%b. No
 13. Buck Ewing (1939, VC) (0 points)
42%a. Yes
58%b. No
 14. Red Faber (1964, VC) (0 points)
25%a. Yes
75%b. No
 15. Bob Feller (1962, BBWAA) (0 points)
100%a. Yes
0%b. No

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#1 | 1751 days ago
BDV4U (+)

Someone actually said NO on Dean, DiMaggio and Doby?
1. No  2. No  3. Yes  4. Yes  5. Yes  6. Yes  7. Yes  8. Yes  9. Yes  10. No  11. Yes  12. Yes  13. Yes  14. Yes  15. Yes  
#2 | 1742 days ago

This group's obvious (to me) picks: Dickey, DiMaggio, Feller

Davis (yes): A very good shortstop for 13 years in the turn of the century. This could be me being generous to 19th century era players, but 2600+ hits and a career 121 OPS+ from a SS is Hall of Fame caliber no matter what the era.

Dawson (no): In my blog about this year's HoF ballot, I gave my reasons.

Dean (yes): I wanted to check, because a lot of Dean's story is well, anecdotal. Dizzy had a phenomenal six year peak, but his career all but ended after that point. Normally I'd say no, but that peak is just monstrous.

Delahanty (yes): Played almost his entire career in the 19th century, and by all account was among the era's best sluggers. Career .346/.411/.505, for a 152 OPS+ . Easy call in hindsight.

Doby (yes): I wanted to check to be sure, but yes, easy call.

Doerr (yes): Consistenly among the best second basemen in the 1940s AL.

Drysdale (yes): Short career, but packed a bunch in it. Among the top pitchers of the league almost every year he pitched.

Duffy (no): Didn't see enough great years to put him in. I am wondering about his 1894 season though. He hit .440/.502/.694. Totally out of line with the rest of his career. What happened there?

Eckersley (yes): Wasn't a dominant closer as long as you think (only 4 years), but very good at that plus his time as an above average starter get him over the line.

Evers (no): Career 106 OPS+ hitter. He's in because of the Tinker, Evers, to Chance poem, but he shouldn't be.

Ewing (yes): Career 129 OPS+ as one of the first star catchers of pro baseball.

Faber (no): Not sure I'm making the right decision, but while he pitched 20 seasons, the second half of his career is he was only slightly above average.
1. Yes  2. No  3. Yes  4. Yes  5. Yes  6. Yes  7. Yes  8. Yes  9. Yes  10. No  11. Yes  12. No  13. Yes  14. No  15. Yes  

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