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The New England Patriots won 3 Super Bowls in 00's, "Team of the Decade" ? (Edited 02/07/10 11:33PM by Scott)
| Closed on 02/17/10 at 05:00PM
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#1 | 1552 days ago

If not them, then who else ??  No one even comes close.  IMHO
#2 | 1552 days ago

Uglidehd wrote:
If not them, then who else ??  No one even comes close.  IMHO
It just a Poll, one side says there was cheating involved, the other side says, the Pats were legit.
#3 | 1552 days ago

If the Colts win it this year, they and the Steelers have my pick for the other 2 behind the Patriots.
#4 | 1551 days ago

I see no video evidence to prove it!
#5 | 1551 days ago

What about the 60's Packers, 70's Steelers and 80's Niners? You gotta factor them in somehow.
#6 | 1549 days ago

You can use different terms, dynasty, best, and so on. but each outstanding time frame that uniquie teams made their mark it was a reason.  From coaching, to players offense to defense, quarterback to receiver to kickers and so on.  Though grew up with my uncle's football team in the 60's we were Rams fans, and i could recite all the players from the youngblood brothers to jack snow to roman "G" to rosie "G".  They were all part of a special team for their years, the namath and the jets.  Leaving home for th emilitary I started supporting my home team, the boston Pat's and have been a loyal fan ever since.  Got boo'd at around the world from my fellow veterans but still supported my pats.  It took a lot of work for the pats too get where they are and I beleive everyone just wanted to call them a cinderalla team, no real credit came to them except when they were in play off contention then they were intested.  The pats yes team of the 00 decade, yes, century no, when they make break the record books like the packers, steelers, and dallas, then could we place the pats in the running.  I'm just proud and glad to be living when we finally showed the country the New England, not NY with the giants and jets got the job done, and even last year with brady out, the team stood as a whole and was still counted in the ratings!  I know we got brady and moss, but lets not forget my pick for the teams MVP Wes Welker!  He made a whole lot of differance to this team!

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