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The most powerful word?

The most powerful word?

Well, sh*t...

Sh*t may just be the most powerful word in the
English language. You can be sh*t faced,
sh*t out of luck, or have sh*t for brains.

With a little effort,
you can get your sh*t

together, find a place for your sh*t
or decide to sh*t or get off the pot.
You can smoke sh*t,

buy sh*t,

sell sh*t,

lose sh*t,

find sh*t,

forget sh*t,

and tell others to eat sh*t and die.
Some people know their sh*t
while others can't tell
the difference
between sh*t and shineola.

There are lucky sh*ts,
dumb sh*ts, crazy sh*ts, and sweet sh*ts.
There is bull sh*t, chicken sh*t, and horse sh*t

You can throw sh*t,
sling sh*t,
catch sh*t, or duck when sh*t hits the fan.
You can give a sh*t
or serve sh*t on a shingle.

You can find yourself in deep sh*t,
or be happier than a pig in sh*t.

Some days are colder than sh*t,
some days are hotter than sh*t,
and some days are just plain sh*tty.
Some music sounds like sh*t,things can look like sh*t,
and there are times when you feel like sh*t.

You can have too much sh*t,
the right sh*t,the wrong sh*t or
a lot of weird sh*t.

You can carry sh*t,
have a mountain of sh*t,or find
yourself up sh*t creek
without a paddle.

Sometimes everything you touch turns to sh*t
and other times you swim in a lake of sh*t and come
out smelling like a rose.

When you stop to consider all the facts, it's the
basic building block of creation.

And remember, once you know your sh*t, you don't
need to know anything else!

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#1 | 1673 days ago

Wow !I never stop learning. I always thought the most powerful words were "please" and "thanks", well at least that's what Barney says

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#1 | 1673 days ago

Wow !I never stop learning. I always thought the most powerful words were "please" and "thanks", well at least that's what Barney says

#2 | 1673 days ago

 F**k is more versatile.

And just because you can use both those words in many different ways, doesn't make them powerful.
#3 | 1673 days ago

You would! 
#4 | 1673 days ago

I thought love was the most powerful.  Just goes to show how times have changed.
#5 | 1673 days ago
Mr_Rogers (+)

#6 | 1673 days ago

that was funny sh*t
#7 | 1673 days ago

 Are you sh*t in me
#8 | 1673 days ago

step two, instead of sh*t say poo, as in bull poo, poo head, and this poo is cold
#9 | 1673 days ago

you wouldn't sh*t me would ya?
#10 | 1673 days ago

That's a lot of sh*t.
#11 | 1673 days ago

#12 | 1673 days ago

thanks for the sh*tty RHYME
#13 | 1672 days ago

Did you just get done Smoking the good sh*t, or are you actually that stupid? 
#14 | 1671 days ago

that was a load of crap
#15 | 1671 days ago
cubsgirl2 (+)

 Well S@@t, here all along I thought it was love.
#16 | 1671 days ago
18packabs (+)

I thought it was NO.....
#17 | 1671 days ago

(Edited by billiePAL1998)
THAT THINGY ... about SH*T has a dose of green thingy
When that thingy happens i cant afford to laugh
#18 | 1671 days ago
cubsgirl2 (+)

18packabs wrote:
I thought it was NO.....
 No thats just what you are used to hearing.   

#19 | 1670 days ago
Cherrie (+)

(Edited by Cherrie)
I used to say SugarHoneyIceTea! in front of the kids

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