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Do you like the fact that Hornswoggle is now a big part of Monday Night Raw?

Since Hornswoggle started out with the WWE a couple of years ago, I have always thought it was a little pathetic to be having a wrestling storyline involving a dwarf who for obvious reasons is not as capable of wrestling as the actual wrestlers in the WWE. Since he joined with DX though I've really started to enjoy the segments that he has been involved in, although rubbing shoulders with Triple H and Shawn Michaels every week has got to help his popularity.

I was just wondering what everyone else thought...Is the WWE right to use a dwarf and make fun of him like they do? (I think it's great but just asking) Do you think Hornswoggle deserves to be on TV despite his lack of wrestling ability? Do you think Shawn and Triple H enjoy working with him? Do you think it was the right decision to put Hornswoggle together with DX? Hey feel free to put what you want below, I'm just interested to know what you all think

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#1 | 1736 days ago

I think that he is a perfect addition to DX. Triple H & HBK are both big kids and having Hornswoggle in the mix just fits. He may not be able to compete like the rest but he has spirit. Everytime he does the DX chop I have to laugh. I say he totally deserves to be on RAW and with DX.
#2 | 1736 days ago

 its actually cool of the midget to be in DX. He makes a good mascot LOL!
#3 | 1736 days ago

#4 | 1735 days ago

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he should be in dx like a little agent mascot he loves and tried to be a member and finally he became by helping dx in trashing out of raw and he should be in raw for entertaining people
#5 | 1734 days ago
mishaalparekh (+)

The little guy is so cool lol
#6 | 1733 days ago

Back in the old WWWF, midget wrestling was quite popular. So I have no problem with him or how they use him. they aren't
ridiculing him or making fun of him. He gets into trouble once in a while but manages to get out of it. Now if they were taunting
or making wrestle Big Show, then there would be a problem.
#7 | 1732 days ago

Hornswoggle adds a little more fun to the never know what he is gonna do or where he will show up.
#8 | 1725 days ago

#9 | 1718 days ago

mishaalparekh wrote:
The little guy is so cool lol
the guy gives you a lot of laughter and drama

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