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SB XLIV 2/7 Indianapolis Colts vs. New Orleans Saints
 Hello Everyone-- We have the NFL matchup of the two teams who went undefeated together for 15 weeks meeting in Superbowl XLIV.  Couldn't have picked it better myself, the 2 teams with the best records duking it out in the superbowl!  Of course, I couldn't let the game start without making a poll on FanIQ.

All questions below pertain to just SuperBowl XLIV, so happy polling, and enjoy the final football game of the 2009-2010 season.....
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FanIQ Pts? 8 | NFL | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Team Breakout:
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  1. OK, who wins this game? (10 points)
21%a. Indianapolis by 10 points or more.
62%b. Indianapolis by 1-9 points
15%c. New Orleans by 1-9 points
Correct3%d. New Orleans by 10 points or more
  2. Which team kicks more field goals? (10 points)
47%a. Indianapolis
Correct32%b. New Orleans
21%c. Both are the same.
  3. Which of these is more? (could be multiple correct answers) (10 points)
Correct9%a. Sacks by Robert Mathis + Dwight Freeney
38%b. TDs by all Saints WRs
32%c. Turnovers by New Orleans.
Correct6%d. Turnovers by Indianapolis.
Correct9%e. TDs by all Colts RBs
6%f. Sacks by the Saints' defense.
  4. Which of these units score a TD? (could be multiple correct answers) (10 points)
32%a. Colts' defense.
Correct12%b. Saints' defense.
3%c. Colts' Punt/kick return teams.
6%d. Saints' Punt/kick return teams.
47%e. None of these teams do.
  5. Which of these things could happen in the game? (there could be multiple correct answers) (10 points)
6%a. Someone other than Drew Brees or Peyton Manning throws a completion.
15%b. A Saints player other than Drew Brees wins the SB XLIV MVP
0%c. Saints rush for less than 50 yards in this game.
26%d. Colts rush for more than 120 yards in this game
Correct21%e. The winning team wins by more than 14 points.
3%f. Either team is held scoreless in either the first or second half.
18%g. A Colts' player other than Peyton Manning wins the SB XLIV MVP.
12%h. SB XLIV goes into overtime.
  6. Which QB passes for more yardage in this game? (5 points)
35%a. Drew Brees
Correct65%b. Peyton Manning
  7. Who wins the SB XLIV MVP award? (10 points)
Correct6%a. Drew Brees
68%b. Peyton Manning
9%c. a WR on the Indianapolis Colts.
6%d. a WR on the New Orleans Saints.
0%e. any other offensive player on the Colts.
6%f. any other offensive player on the Saints.
3%g. a defensive player on the Colts.
3%h. a defensive player on the Saints.
  8. Which team rushes for more yards? (5 points)
Correct35%a. Indianapolis Colts
65%b. New Orleans Saints
  Tiebreaker: How many field goals are kicked in this game?
Correct 5

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