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Super Bowl XLIV: New Orleans Saints vs Indianapolis Colts Poll
Scored by Hec718 on 02/07/10 at 10:50AM | Closed on 02/07/10 at 06:30PM
FanIQ Pts? 6 | NFL | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer26 Fans 
  1. Will the game go to Overtime? (10 points)
8%a. Yes
Correct92%b. No
  2. Which team will have more Passing Yards? (10 points)
31%a. Saints
Correct69%b. Colts
0%c. Tied
  3. Which Quarterback will have more Passing Touchdowns? (10 points)
Correct15%a. Drew Brees
73%b. Peyton Manning
12%c. Tied
  4. Which Running Back teammates will combine for more Rushing Yards? (10 points)
65%a. Reggie Bush & Pierre Thomas
Correct35%b. Joseph Addai & Donald Brown
0%c. Tied
  5. Which Quarterback will be sacked the most? (10 points)
Correct54%a. Drew Brees
27%b. Peyton Manning
19%c. Tied
  6. The Winner? (10 points)
12%a. Saints by 3 or less
8%b. Saints by 4-7
Correct4%c. Saints by 8 or more
8%d. Colts by 3 or less
42%e. Colts by 4-7
27%f. Colts by 8 or more
  Tiebreaker: Number of Minutes the Colts have the ball?
Correct 29

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#1 | 1638 days ago

Peyton has 2 weeks 2 study that Saints defense, there is no way the Saints r gonna be ready for what he is about 2 bring to the table, he is the wisest QB of all time and this Sunday he will show the world why he is the greatest QB of all time, in front of all his die hard Indianapolis fans, in front of all his hometown New Orleans fans, in front of the whole world, this is the biggest game of his life, this is the game that will catapult him to a level of excellent unseen by any other football player on any level, what Mike was to the NBA, or Wayne to the NHL, or Babe to the MLB, everybody sit back, get you popcorn ready and prepare to watch the greatest Hall-of-Famer live in action, we're lucky to be the ones to get to see this live (memories for a lifetime)
good luck all you Saints fans, your team had a great season, Brees opened a lot of eyes and let the world know that the Saints are a true contender, but at this moment, at this time, on this Sunday, under the stars of
that beautiful Miami sky, destiny will arrive, i can feel it coming, we have been working so hard all decade, we have carried ourselves with dignity and pride, now we will arrive
1. No  2. Colts  3. Peyton Manning  4. Reggie Bush & Pierre Thomas  5. Drew Brees  6. Colts by 4-7  
#2 | 1636 days ago

I WON!!!
1. No  2. Colts  3. Tied  4. Joseph Addai & Donald Brown  5. Drew Brees  6. Colts by 8 or more  

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