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Do you think the Indianapolis Colts will be successful next year?
post super bowl
| Closed on 09/10/10 at 05:00PM
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29 Fans 
48%a. Yes
7%b. No
17%c. Maybe
7%d. Who knows?
3%e. I'm too dumb to answer
17%f. It's too obvious:yes
0%g. It's too obvious:no

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#1 | 1697 days ago

 i dunno i hope so
Who knows?  
#2 | 1696 days ago

We Will See In Their First Few Games/ Probably
#3 | 1695 days ago

I'm really confident that the team could be even better next year, Bob Sanders will not have surgery in the off-season for the first time in god knows how long, Dwight Freeney will be 100%, and Anthony Gonzalez will be back to help some recievers who could break out next year. The key is that they need to retool the o-line and get more physical in the running game.
#4 | 1589 days ago

 hey ajgeorges21,
  the colts have tried to have a running game in the past but when you have number 18,then you really don't need to run that often.
I don't see the colts going 14-2,but maybe 12-4. But 16-0 would be nice also.
#5 | 1574 days ago

i think they will be their division champs..and most likely be the afc champs again...goooo colts!!!!
#6 | 1533 days ago

No one plays a TAMPA 2 DEFENSE as well as indy in my opinion.......i believe they will hav ean excellent year!
#7 | 1523 days ago

Is Mannning still our quarterback.....nuff said
It's too obvious:yes  
#8 | 1523 days ago

ManningsOffense wrote:
Is Mannning still our quarterback.....nuff said
this year we're switching 2 da 4-3
It's too obvious:yes  

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