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The Day-After-the-Super-Bowl (Edited 02/08/10 01:36AM by )

Many Americans think Super Bowl Sunday should be designated a national holiday. However, I would prefer it be the Monday after the Super Bowl. And since "National Hangover Day"wouldn't be appropriate, here are some suggestions...

The Top 16 Names for the Day-After-the-Super-Bowl Holiday:


    • Pooper Bowl Monday


    • Baseball Season Eve


    • Get-an-Unidentified-Stain-Out-of-the-Couch Day


    • Thank God for Vicodin Day


    • Deciding-Whether-That-Commercial-Was-Really-Funny-or-
      If-You-Were-Just-Really-Drunk Day


    • Hair-of-the-Dog Day


    • Sell-the-Kids-Into-Slavery-to-Pay-for-the-72"-HDTV-
      You-Bought-on-Saturday Day


    • De-Cheeto the Rug Day


    • Hope You Like Hockey Day


    • Talk-Loudly-and-I'll-Break-Your-Face Day


    • Indigestivus


    • I-Can't-Believe-ESPN-Is-Still-Analyzing-the-Game Day


    • Get-Reacquainted-With-Your-Wife-and-Kids Day


    • Actsoberfest


    • Pay-the-Bookie-or-Lose-a-Finger Day
    • And the Number 1 Name for the Day-After-the-Super-Bowl Holiday...


    • Stinko de Guy-O

What would you name your day?

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18 Fans 
22%a. This Day!
17%b. I'm Still Drunk!
6%c. Saint's Day!
17%d. Manning's Crying Day!
39%e. Beaneaters (The Cool Holiday)

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