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Seriously, WTF are ad executives thinking?!?!? (Edited 10/05/10 11:45PM by Jess)
I thought the purpose of advertising was to draw public attention to ones goods and services or to promote those same goods and services.

My opinion hasn't changed on Coke, Doritos, Snickers, Boost Mobile, Budweiser, etc. I will not buy their products if I wasn't buying before, and will not spend more on them if I was already using them. I also didn't see any new or improved products to maybe look into.

So with the exception of Dockers (free pants), Dennys (free food), and movie trailers what did the other Superbowl ads accomplish besides entertainment?

You can say this about advertising year round, but 3 million dollars for 30 seconds, WTF ARE ad executives thinking?!?!?

What do you think?
| Closed on 10/06/10 at 12:00AM
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154.3181. Seriously, WTF are ad executives thinking?!?!?

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