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Who will Win the Daytona 500? (Faniq fantasy game) (Edited 02/13/10 12:28PM by CMB)
The Sprint Cup Series kicks off the 2010 season with the Daytona 500 on Sunday.  Who is your pick to win this week's race?

Just like last year, I will keep an ongoing record week to week how everybody does in this poll. 

Past winners in this poll include:
2008- illini81887
2009- jesse83414

Who will it be this season???

***The Rules***

*Points earned by the driver in each race chosen by the Faniq member each week will be added to a running tally week to week.

*If a member selects "Other" and they clearly state the ONE driver they are selecting for the week, then I will accept that as your pick and you will get the fantasy points (not official faniq points) that the driver earns in the race.  If more than one driver is stated as your pick, or if you don't mention who you want, then you will just get a mark under the "other" column and receive no points for that week.

*There is NO LIMIT to how many times a member can pick a specific driver throughout the season

Here is a look at last years' final results
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Scored by CMB on 02/14/10 at 07:43AM | Closed on 02/14/10 at 01:15PM
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Team Breakout:
Correct Answer44 Fans 
0%a. Brian Vickers
0%b. Carl Edwards
0%c. Clint Bowyer
14%d. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
0%e. David Ragan
0%f. Denny Hamlin
0%g. Greg Biffle
0%h. Jeff Burton
5%i. Jeff Gordon
11%j. Jimmie Johnson
0%k. Juan Montoya
7%l. Kasey Kahne
7%m. Kevin Harvick
2%n. Kurt Busch
14%o. Kyle Busch
16%p. Mark Martin
0%q. Matt Kenseth
0%r. Ryan Newman
25%s. Tony Stewart
Correct0%t. OTHER

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#1 | 1719 days ago

Remember, if you pick "other," please state the one driver you pick and I will record his points for your name.

Good luck everybody!
Kasey Kahne  
#2 | 1718 days ago

At this point it's anybodies race so i went with my man Kyle.
Kyle Busch  
#3 | 1718 days ago

Glad that this poll is back again in 2010!!! I know how Tony Stewart feels, I was top for a lot of the season and then we got to the chase...  lol really though they are good polls keep up the good work Chris!
Kevin Harvick  
#4 | 1716 days ago

Thanks for doing this again look forward to it
Kasey Kahne  
#5 | 1715 days ago
AndiLee0388 (+)

Woohoo..Let's go racing Chris!
Dale Earnhardt Jr.  
#6 | 1715 days ago

 Ya Gotta Believe~~~~~~~
Mark Martin  
#7 | 1715 days ago

Almost  forgot
Mark Martin  
#8 | 1715 days ago

i got KYLE BUSCH to win today. i knew danica wouldnt finish top 20.. i knew her car would get in a wreck....
Kyle Busch  
#9 | 1714 days ago

Not a bad choice, we'll see!
Kasey Kahne  

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