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2010 NBA All Star Rookie Sophmore Game Stats Poll (Edited 02/10/10 10:42AM by ojekeme1)
The biggest players on the biggest stage!!!

Dallas Texas...

They truly do, do everything big in Texas...

70,000+ willl see it live!

The Stars of the future on the biggest stage!!!
Scored by ojekeme1 on 02/12/10 at 10:52PM | Closed on 02/12/10 at 12:00PM
FanIQ Pts? 6 | NBA | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Teams:  Dallas Mavericks | Michael Beasley | Stephen Curry
Players:  Kevin Love | Russell Westbrook | Tyreke Evens
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer26 Fans 
  1. Who will score the most overall points? (10 points)
Correct8%a. Russell Westbrook
19%b. Stephen Curry
23%c. Tyreke Evans
27%d. Brandon Jennings
4%e. Michael Beasley
4%f. Kevin Love
19%g. O.J. Mayo
0%h. Other
  2. Who will dish the most dimes? (10 points)
Correct4%a. O.J. Mayo
15%b. Stephen Curry
8%c. Tyreke Evans
12%d. Jonny Flynn
8%e. Brandon Jennings
46%f. Derrick Rose
12%g. Russell Westbrook
0%h. Other
  3. Who blocks the most shots? (10 points)
0%a. Michael Beasley
Correct4%b. Marc Gasol
54%c. Brook Lopez
31%d. Kevin Love
12%e. DeJuan Blair
0%f. Omri Casspi
4%g. Taj Gibson
0%h. Other
  4. Who wins the game? (7 points)
Correct12%a. ROOKIES by 10 or more pts.
8%b. ROOKIES by 6-9 pts.
4%c. ROOKIES by 3-5 pts.
8%d. ROOKIES by 3 or less pts.
31%e. SOPHMORES by 10 or more pts.
38%f. SOPHMORES by 6-9 pts.
4%g. SOPHMORES by 3-5 pts.
0%h. SOPHMORES by 3 or less pts.
  5. Who plays the most minutes? (10 points)
23%a. Stephen Curry
15%b. Tyreke Evans
31%c. Brandon Jennings
8%d. Michael Beasley
4%e. DeJuan Blair
Correct12%f. Russell Westbrook
4%g. Kevin Love
8%h. Other
  6. Who is awarded the MVP trophy? (10 points)
15%a. Stephen Curry
Correct12%b. Tyreke Evans
19%c. Brandon Jennings
12%d. Michael Beasley
4%e. DeJuan Blair
19%f. Russell Westbrook
4%g. Kevin Love
19%h. Other
  Tiebreaker: How many points does James Harden score?
Correct 22

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#1 | 1718 days ago

eric gordon wins the dunk in... oh wait theres a game...
1. Kevin Love  2. Derrick Rose  3. Brook Lopez  4. SOPHMORES by 10 or more pts.  5. Kevin Love  6. Kevin Love  
#2 | 1717 days ago

I think the soph's crush the rookies... 10 or more points, easy.
1. O.J. Mayo  2. Derrick Rose  3. Marc Gasol  4. SOPHMORES by 10 or more pts.  5. Michael Beasley  6. Other  

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