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Update about Mom Its been awhile
To all my Q friends so sorry it has been so long since I have been on to update but been so busy taking care of mom since her open heart surgery back in october.I just wanted to let everyone know she has been doing well since her surgery until this past week.Yesterday Friday 2/19/2010 we found out that she has a very rare type skin cancer.This cancer is nothing like the skin cancer you get from the sun.The only treatment is radiation.She will see cancer doctor on wednesday of this coming week and we should know more on what they can or cn not do.She can not do radiation because of the recent open heart surgery.Only been 4 months and she has to have breast bone heal a year before she can do any radiation.So now everyone knows our new battle.Please say a prayer for her.Thanks to all of yall.Each of yall have become like an extended family to me and I sure appreciate each one of yall.I will try to give n update towards the end of the this coming week.God Bless and Take Care. HUGS GayUpdate about Mom Its been awhile Photo
| Closed on 03/28/10 at 11:00PM
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23%a. Thanks for update
36%b. Prayers going up
9%c. HUGS for mom
18%d. God Bless her
9%e. She has been through enough
5%f. other

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#1 | 1703 days ago
cubsgirl2 (+)

 Hi friend, I miss you and hubby. I will pray for your mom and your family. This woman has been through enough for 3 lifetimes. I hope her days of Dr's and hospitals are almost over. Hurry back here for r and r ok. 
She has been through enough  
#2 | 1703 days ago

 Radiation is very worst thing for aged ppl.....a soft dose of kemo can be tried, if doc. recommends ..that can be effective to skins n hairs and also less effective to bones ......

Prayers are always there for your trouble time, hope He up there will change things.
#3 | 1703 days ago

Hi Lady! I have thought about you and your family often.  I miss you!  My prayers are with your mother and family.  May GOD Bless and give youall  strength through this time of sickness.
God Bless her  
#4 | 1703 days ago

Hiya Gay, so sorry things are turning bad again.  You and your mother have my love and prayers.  Hugs to you.
Prayers going up  
#5 | 1703 days ago

Love and prayers goin up  
HUGS for mom  
#6 | 1703 days ago

God Bless you. My prayer for your mom has been sent up.
Prayers going up  
#7 | 1703 days ago

You have been missed. Good to hear from you, only I wish the update were better. So sorry for (mom) and all of you to have to go through all of this. God be with you and your family&God bless mom. May all of you and mom feel the huggs and prayers from all of us here at Q.
Thanks for update  
#8 | 1703 days ago

We'll be praying for her and all the family. May God give you all the strenght and patience needed. Big hug.
#9 | 1703 days ago

sending my best thoughts for your mom, yourself and family
Thanks for update  
#10 | 1703 days ago

Thanks for the update, I'll keep your mom and family in my thoughts
Prayers going up  
#11 | 1703 days ago

god bless all moms.
God Bless her  
#12 | 1703 days ago

You have my prayers as well Gay,just be strong and help her in every way that you can.
Prayers going up  
#13 | 1703 days ago

You're in my prayers Gay, hope for the best for you and your family.
#14 | 1700 days ago

God helps those who help themselves!

You have done your duty by caring for your dear Mom, now it is the turn of the Almighty to heed to your prayer and get pressurized by ours too to ensure a speedy recovery for the blessed soul - your dear mother!

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