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It's, it's, it's __________!  Where you are depends on what you call certain stuff. Inquiring minds want to know what those words are.  Below are some words that are different depending on your area.  Tell us what you call it.  Let me ask however that we don't turn this into a revival of the ancient pop vs. soda war that I once mistakenly caused with a poll a couple years ago.Whatchamacalit? Photo
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 1. Let's get it out of the way right off the bat, whaddya call that carbonated beverage? (0 points)
22%a. pop
50%b. soda
10%c. coke
12%d. name on the can
6%e. other...?
 2. What is that thing you use to clean your carpet? (0 points)
84%a. vacuum
6%b. sweeper
0%c. Hoover
0%d. that thing that sucks up the dirt
10%e. other...?
 3. What is the 3rd meal of the day? (0 points)
62%a. dinner
26%b. supper
0%c. food
8%d. You're supposed to eat 3 meals a day? OOPS!
5%e. other...?
 4. What is that thing you use to change the channel? (0 points)
77%a. remote
12%b. clicker
0%c. box
2%d. controller
9%e. other...?
 5. What do you put your groceries in at the store? (0 points)
85%a. cart
7%b. buggy
0%c. wagon
1%d. that thing with wheels
7%e. other...?
 6. What do you call that candy thing on a stick? (0 points)
34%a. lollipop
53%b. sucker
0%c. Dum-Dum
1%d. candy on a stick
12%e. other...?