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NBA Stat Poll Tuesday 2/23/10
simply choose the player that leads each question....if tied each correct one will be marked as such...replacement stats will NOT be used...Opponent in ()
Scored by derms33 on 02/23/10 at 01:17PM | Closed on 02/23/10 at 07:00PM
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  1. Which of these Players will have the most Points? (10 points)
50%a. LeBron James (NO)
9%b. Steph Curry (Phil)
9%c. D. Wade (Minn)
0%d. David West (@Cle)
0%e. Rudy Gay (LAL)
Correct32%f. Kevin Durant (PHO)
  2. Which "new" player will have the most points? (10 points)
32%a. Tracy McGrady (@Boston)
Correct36%b. Antwan Jamison (NO)
Correct14%c. Carl Landry (Det)
14%d. Nate Robinson (NYK)
5%e. Ronnie Brewer (@MIA)
  3. Who will grab the most Rebounds? (10 points)
64%a. Marcus Camby (@NJ)
9%b. LeBron James (NO)
14%c. Brook Lopez (POR)
Correct5%d. Pau Gasol (@MEM)
5%e. Amare Stoudemire (@ OKC)
5%f. Kevin Garnett (NYK)
  4. Who has the most assists? (10 points)
9%a. LeBron James (NO)
0%b. D. Wade (Minn)
9%c. Jonny Flynn (MIA)
73%d. Steve Nash (OKC)
0%e. Russell Westbrook (PHO)
Correct9%f. Rajon Rondo (NYK)
  5. Which of these players score the most points? (10 points)
Correct36%a. Rip Hamilton (@SAC)
5%b. Allen Iverson (@GS)
5%c. Shaquille O'Neal (NO)
5%d. Darren Collison (@CLE)
50%e. Paul Pierce (NYK)
0%f. Anthony Morrow (PHIL)
  6. Who has the most Offensive Rebounds? (10 points)
14%a. LaMarcus Aldridge (@NJ)
18%b. Anderson Varejao (NO)
0%c. Jason Thompson (DET)
32%d. Andrew Bynum (@ MEM)
Correct27%e. Zach Randolph (LAL)
9%f. Udonis Haslem (MINN)
  7. Who hits the most 3-pointers? (10 points)
50%a. Steph Curry (PHIL)
9%b. Andre Iguodola (@GS)
Correct5%c. Anthony Parker (NO)
Correct32%d. Kevin Durant (PHO)
0%e. Omri Casspi (DET)
5%f. Danilo Gallinari (BOS)
  Tiebreaker: Points for Al Jefferson of Minnesota @ Miami?
Correct 10

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#1 | 1667 days ago

#5. Iverson + Leave Of Absence For Personal Reasons = Not Playing
1. LeBron James (NO)  2. Carl Landry (Det)  3. Marcus Camby (@NJ)  4. Steve Nash (OKC)  5. Paul Pierce (NYK)  6. Zach Randolph (LAL)  7. Danilo Gallinari (BOS)  
#2 | 1666 days ago

Dream_Machine wrote:
#5. Iverson + Leave Of Absence For Personal Reasons = Not Playing
that news was public after i created it...obviously he would have been omitted and Kobe woulda been included
1. Steph Curry (Phil)  2. Tracy McGrady (@Boston)  3. Brook Lopez (POR)  4. Steve Nash (OKC)  5. Rip Hamilton (@SAC)  6. Zach Randolph (LAL)  7. Andre Iguodola (@GS)  

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