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Nextel Cup guesses for Sunday, Aug. 12
Your mission - predict what will happen at Watkins Glen
Scored by rockysnappyduke on 08/13/07 at 12:59AM | Closed on 08/12/07 at 01:00PM
FanIQ Pts? 6 | NASCAR | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Team Breakout:
Correct Answer19 Fans 
  1. Where will Jeff Gordon finish? (1 points)
16%a. 1st
21%b. 2nd
5%c. 3rd
11%d. 4th
26%e. 5th
Correct16%f. 6th-10th
5%g. 11th-20th
0%h. 21st-43rd
  2. Which Ford will have the best finish? (2 points)
21%a. Matt Kenseth
11%b. Carl Edwards
0%c. Greg Biffle
16%d. Jamie McMurray
0%e. David Ragan
0%f. Ricky Rudd
Correct53%g. Robby Gordon
0%h. David Gilliland
  3. Which driver will finish dead last? (3 points)
5%a. Kenny Wallace
5%b. PJ Jones
0%c. Bill Elliott
0%d. Terry Labonte
Correct5%e. Kyle Petty
5%f. Paul Menard
5%g. Patrick Carpentier
74%h. other
  4. What's your prediction for 1st, 2nd and 3rd? (4 points)
Correct26%a. Chevy, Chevy, Chevy
11%b. Chevy, Chevy, Dodge
11%c. Chevy, Chevy, Ford
0%d. Ford, Chevy, Chevy
0%e. Dodge, Chevy, Ford
0%f. Chevy, Dodge, Ford
0%g. Dodge, Ford, Chevy
53%h. other
  5. Who will win the race? (5 points)
26%a. Jeff Gordon
11%b. Denny Hamlin
0%c. Matt Kenseth
0%d. Jeff Burton
Correct42%e. Tony Stewart
0%f. Carl Edwards
5%g. Jimmie Johnson
16%h. other
  6. If you add up the car numbers for your top two finishers? (6 points)
11%a. 0-10
0%b. 11-20
11%c. 21-30
Correct11%d. 31-40
47%e. 41-50
11%f. 51-60
11%g. 61-70
0%h. 71 or more
  Tiebreaker: number of caution flags in the race?
Correct 8

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#1 | 2597 days ago

Great poll!
1. 2nd  2. Carl Edwards  3. other  4. Chevy, Chevy, Dodge  5. Jeff Gordon  6. 31-40  
#2 | 2595 days ago

Thanks. *high 5* to GMoney!!! Way to go.
1. 6th-10th  2. Jamie McMurray  3. Kenny Wallace  4. Chevy, Chevy, Chevy  5. Jimmie Johnson  6. 51-60  
#3 | 976 days ago

The Bobcats will pounce the Flashes

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