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Who is the coolest player of manchester united?

| Closed on 12/31/12 at 12:00PM
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Team Breakout:
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12%a. Berbetov
4%b. Carrick
1%c. Evra
3%d. Fletcher
0%e. Gibson
5%f. Micheal Owen
8%g. Nani
5%h. Njamania Vidich
1%i. Paul Scholes
2%j. Rio Ferdinand
14%k. Ryan Giggs
5%l. Valencia
5%m. Van Der Sar
31%n. Wayne Rooney
6%o. None Of These

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#7 | 1259 days ago

Wayne Rooney  
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#1 | 1679 days ago

Rooney is the best..He is a skilled striker and a perfect passer.He is not only a goal scorer but also a goal maker.This is what makes Rooney extremly cool.That is what i think....
Wayne Rooney  
#2 | 1679 days ago

Rooney is a complete footballer as he not only score goals but work tiressly for his team mates.Rooney is on fire.
Wayne Rooney  
#3 | 1678 days ago

There is Giggs, there is Roobey, then theres Berbetov. Come to think of it most of my players in the United Camp are COOL
Ryan Giggs  
#4 | 1629 days ago

Wayne Rooney  
#5 | 1407 days ago


#6 | 1281 days ago

(Edited by Fadda_Butty)
if u mean coolest in essence of attitude i would say seems nothing really bothers him and if your referring to ability i would say rooney..he always has a do or die attitude whether it be goalscoring, passing, tackling and the list goes on
Wayne Rooney  
#7 | 1259 days ago

Wayne Rooney  
#8 | 1259 days ago

Wayne Rooney  
#9 | 1258 days ago

Rooooon boy
Wayne Rooney  
#10 | 1234 days ago

rooney is a real devil.he is not even cool
#11 | 1234 days ago

 nemanja vidic , of course!
Njamania Vidich  
#12 | 1150 days ago

If you mean coolest as in who has the best match-winning ability, the best dedication to the club, never gets tensed in a match and makes a huge impact as soon as he's on, I have to go with Ryan Giggs. He's the greatest of this great generation.
Ryan Giggs  
#13 | 1032 days ago


Wayne Rooney  
#14 | 974 days ago

Rooney by far has always been a strong player!!
Wayne Rooney  
#15 | 892 days ago

(Edited by orly1)
None of them - they're all losers! Losers with big chips on their shoulders - Fergie's face was a treat when he had that smile wiped off his smug blotchy scoottish twat face when he saw City had taken the Premiership he thought he'd won 2 minutes earlier- LOSER. 

How can granny-shagger Rooney be considered cool? He's an ape

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