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Why does Manchester United have so much fans?

| Closed on 12/31/12 at 05:00PM
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Team Breakout:
90 Fans 
21%a. They are the champs.
0%b. Their jersey looks cool.
8%c. They have a strong team.
9%d. Because of Sir Alex Ferguson.
4%e. Because of the media.
1%f. The team name is cool.
50%g. All of these.
7%h. None of these.

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#5 | 1661 days ago

they rule
The team name is cool.  
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#1 | 1673 days ago

Cause they rock ..........................big time
They are the champs.  
#2 | 1668 days ago

Lorraine994 wrote:
Cause they rock ..........................big time
nw tht is true................
#3 | 1666 days ago

 because Beckham once played for manchester united!!
All of these.  
#4 | 1665 days ago
Nikb (+)

Lorraine994 wrote:
Cause they rock ..........................big time
they r the best in the world
#5 | 1661 days ago

they rule
The team name is cool.  
#6 | 1643 days ago

"Man - Chest" - er - United. They are living in men's heart.............
All of these.  
#7 | 1580 days ago

man chest er united . they are good kinda
They are the champs.  
#8 | 1490 days ago

 Because Stars born here!!!
They have a strong team.  
#9 | 1482 days ago

We never give up we go forward and stay the best! GO REDS!!!
#10 | 1477 days ago

 Because if a bandwagon fan thinks soccer, Manchester is probably the first one they think of. So  yes, it's a big bandwagon nation.
#11 | 1403 days ago

 United are good thru-and-thru!!!!!!
All of these.  
#12 | 1280 days ago

 Man Utd have always produced players they havnt bought ready-made great player as real madrid  do
All of these.  
#13 | 1239 days ago

cuz of all the greats.
All of these.  
#14 | 1239 days ago

they deserve everything
All of these.  
#15 | 1150 days ago

Because of the glorious history, the awe-inspiring stadium, the hordes of loyal fans and the generations of classy players they churn out from the Academy...
I have to go with all of these...
All of these.  
#16 | 1031 days ago

MU is the stable team every year....
Hehehe but they lost by PERSIB Bandung (Indonesia club) for popularity....
They have a strong team.  
#17 | 973 days ago

truest fans alive!!smiley
They are the champs.  
#18 | 973 days ago

uniongrl1 wrote:
truest fans alive!!smiley
#19 | 968 days ago

Coz we are UTD...We do what we want !!!!
#20 | 922 days ago

Because Of Their Winning History And Tradition.
None of these.  
#21 | 720 days ago

M U is de  best team to support!!
All of these.  
#22 | 711 days ago

Because of the referees, seriously if they lose the ref is blamed and/or sent down to do 2nd division games
Because of the media.  

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