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Pittsburgh Steelers - 10 Greatest Players (Edited 03/21/10 01:09AM by Kenne)
Pittsburgh Steelers - 10 Greatest Players <span style="font-size:12px;">(Edited 03/21/10 01:09AM by Kenne)</span> Photo 

Choose the greatest players in Steelers history.
| Closed on 04/19/10 at 05:00PM
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Players:  Lynn Swann | Ben Roethlisberger | Franco Harris | Jack Lambert | Terry Bradshaw | mean joe greene
Team Breakout:
Rank36 FansAvg (1st)
1."Mean" Joe Greene [DT]7.6 (11)
2.Terry Bradshaw [QB]7.0 (7)
3.Jack Lambert [LB]6.4 (11)
4.Franco Harris [RB]5.3 (3)
5.Jack Ham [LB]3.9
6.Lynn Swann [WR]3.2
7.Rod Woodson [DB]3.1
8.John Stallworth [WR]2.9
9.Jerome Bettis [RB]2.8 (1)
10.Troy Polamalu [S]2.8 (3)
Also receiving votes:Mel Blount [CB]2.3
Mike Webster [C]2.1
Hines Ward [WR]1.9
L.C. Greenwood [DE]1.8
Ben Roethlisberger [QB]1.1
Dermontti Dawson [C]0.3
Greg Lloyd [LB]0.2
Ernie Stautner [DT]0.2
Alan Faneca [G]0.2
Elbie Nickel [TE]0.1
_____ _____ (please comment)0.0
____ ______ (please comment)0.0

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#1 | 1491 days ago

The greatest defensive team in the history of the NFL is the Steel Curtain of the 1970's, and the man that best exemplifies that group is Jack Lambert.
1. Jack Lambert [LB]  2. "Mean" Joe Greene [DT]  3. Terry Bradshaw [QB]  4. Franco Harris [RB]  5. Jack Ham [LB]  6. John Stallworth [WR]  7. Mel Blount [CB]  8. L.C. Greenwood [DE]  9. Lynn Swann [WR]  10. Mike Webster [C]  
#2 | 1476 days ago

actually the 1985 bears had a better defense.

10. I'm a kevin greene fan, so i gave him a mention.
1. "Mean" Joe Greene [DT]  2. Terry Bradshaw [QB]  3. Rod Woodson [DB]  4. Mel Blount [CB]  5. Jack Lambert [LB]  6. Franco Harris [RB]  7. Jack Ham [LB]  8. L.C. Greenwood [DE]  9. Troy Polamalu [S]  10. _____ _____ (please comment)  
#3 | 1474 days ago

I heard it best from Former Steelers great Free Safety Mike Wagner, when describing the Steelers Defense of the 70's on "America's Game".  Mike Wagner:  "With all due respect to Dwight, Ernie, Mean Joe, and LC, we are all part of the "STEEL CURTAIN".   (wink), That's Classic!!!
1. "Mean" Joe Greene [DT]  2. Terry Bradshaw [QB]  3. Franco Harris [RB]  4. Jack Lambert [LB]  5. Mike Webster [C]  6. Mel Blount [CB]  7. Jack Ham [LB]  8. Hines Ward [WR]  9. Jerome Bettis [RB]  10. Rod Woodson [DB]  
#4 | 1472 days ago

the modern guys are good but the players of the past are legends and you can't compete with that
1. Terry Bradshaw [QB]  2. L.C. Greenwood [DE]  3. "Mean" Joe Greene [DT]  4. Lynn Swann [WR]  5. Franco Harris [RB]  6. Jack Lambert [LB]  7. Troy Polamalu [S]  8. Rod Woodson [DB]  9. Jerome Bettis [RB]  10. Greg Lloyd [LB]  
#5 | 1468 days ago

Big_Country78 wrote:
actually the 1985 bears had a better defense.

10. I'm a kevin greene fan, so i gave him a mention.
I think the Steel Curtain of Super Bowl 43 was better....I know, I know blasphemy,  but technically they are better players and they played better teams.
1. Terry Bradshaw [QB]  2. Ben Roethlisberger [QB]  3. Troy Polamalu [S]  4. Hines Ward [WR]  5. Franco Harris [RB]  6. "Mean" Joe Greene [DT]  7. Lynn Swann [WR]  8. Jerome Bettis [RB]  9. Rod Woodson [DB]  10. Jack Lambert [LB]  
#6 | 1466 days ago

(Edited by snoopydawg44us)
Steeler Steve we all have our own opinion on what  defense was the best over the years. I agree with you that the 08 Steelers Defense was a great Defense, so was that 85 Bears team, 2000 Ravens, they all ranked high in alot of catagories, and all won  Super Bowls.  I been following the Steelers since 1971, the Greatest  Defense ever was the Steelers in 1976. Remember you had a Bradshaw who was hurt most of the year. They were a "Ball Control" offense, and had Mike Kruzcek as their QB. In a 14 game season, they started off 1-4, won 10 straight games including a playoffs win at Balitmore. In that time, the defense pitched 5 shutouts (3 in a row). Only to loose in Oakland in the AFC Championship Game, without both Franco, and Rocky both 1,000 yards rushers that yr. From that defense alone 4 Hall of Famers, theres a case that, 2 more, for sure should be in the Hall of Fame right now(LC Greenwood, and Donnie Shell).  8 Pro Bowlers from that yr, just on defense alone, and all 3 Starting Linebackers in the Pro Bowl that yr. I'll stack that 1976 Steelers Defense against any NFL Defense, and watch them "tumble" one by one.  One more thing to remember, those 4 Hall of Famers off this defense, could easily be 10 top at the their Positions of All Time.
1. "Mean" Joe Greene [DT]  2. Terry Bradshaw [QB]  3. Franco Harris [RB]  4. Jack Lambert [LB]  5. Mike Webster [C]  6. Mel Blount [CB]  7. Jack Ham [LB]  8. Hines Ward [WR]  9. Jerome Bettis [RB]  10. Rod Woodson [DB]  
#7 | 1462 days ago

I ran out of spots for the rest of them,they are all great and if not great , very good.
1. Jack Lambert [LB]  2. Jack Ham [LB]  3. Rod Woodson [DB]  4. Troy Polamalu [S]  5. Terry Bradshaw [QB]  6. Franco Harris [RB]  7. John Stallworth [WR]  8. Lynn Swann [WR]  9. Mike Webster [C]  10. "Mean" Joe Greene [DT]  

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