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The NFL fantasy challenge
Guesses for the upcoming season...
Featured by: CriticalFanatic at 9/04/07 11:52AM
Scored by rockysnappyduke on 01/01/08 at 02:22AM | Closed on 09/05/07 at 05:00PM
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Correct Answer55 Fans 
  1. Which set of running backs will combine for the most fantasy points? (0 points)
Correct7%a. LaDainian Tomlinson, Chester Taylor
4%b. Larry Johnson, Cedric Benson
33%c. Steven Jackson, Travis Henry
29%d. Joseph Addai, Reggie Bush
4%e. Laurence Maroney, Willie Parker
0%f. Deuce McAllister, Maurice Jones-Drew
7%g. Frank Gore, Thomas Jones
16%h. Rudi Johnson, Shaun Alexander
  2. Which quarterback will throw the most touchdowns? (0 points)
0%a. Brodie Croyle
20%b. Jake Delhomme
Correct45%c. Brett Favre
2%d. Jeff Garcia
4%e. Trent Green
11%f. Rex Grossman
7%g. Steve McNair
11%h. Matt Schaub
  3. Which receiver will end up with the most receiving yards? (0 points)
16%a. Bernard Berrian
0%b. Marty Booker
0%c. Dwayne Bowe
33%d. Reggie Brown
Correct16%e. Braylon Edwards
20%f. Calvin Johnson
2%g. Chris Henry
13%h. Santonio Holmes
  4. Which kicker will have the most PAT's? (0 points)
2%a. Jeff Wilkins, Rams
60%b. Adam Vinatieri, Colts
0%c. Jeff Reed, Steelers
Correct7%d. Stephen Gostkowski, Patriots
4%e. Jason Elam, Broncos
11%f. Shayne Graham, Bengals
9%g. Nate Kaeding, Chargers
7%h. Olindo Mare, Saints
  5. Which tight end will have the most TD catches? (0 points)
Correct9%a. Dallas Clark
64%b. Antonio Gates
9%c. Vernon Davis
2%d. Alge Crumpler
9%e. Tony Gonzalez
2%f. Eric Johnson
0%g. Marcedes Lewis
5%h. Jeremy Shockey
  6. Which defense will give up the fewest points? (0 points)
9%a. Patriots
56%b. Ravens
11%c. Chargers
4%d. Dolphins
18%e. Bears
2%f. Eagles
0%g. Panthers
Correct0%h. Bucs

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#1 | 2430 days ago

The Steelers aren't in the last question!
1. Joseph Addai, Reggie Bush  2. Jake Delhomme  3. Braylon Edwards  4. Stephen Gostkowski, Patriots  5. Vernon Davis  6. Patriots  
#2 | 2428 days ago

Oh, I only had room for each conference's Top 4 defenses.
1. Joseph Addai, Reggie Bush  2. Jake Delhomme  3. Reggie Brown  4. Olindo Mare, Saints  5. Eric Johnson  6. Bears  
#3 | 2426 days ago

Good poll...I'm ready to go 6 for 6. 
1. Rudi Johnson, Shaun Alexander  2. Steve McNair  3. Braylon Edwards  4. Adam Vinatieri, Colts  5. Antonio Gates  6. Bears  
#4 | 2416 days ago

Great poll! You should come up with a similar Q&A for each division.
1. Joseph Addai, Reggie Bush  2. Brett Favre  3. Reggie Brown  4. Nate Kaeding, Chargers  5. Vernon Davis  6. Ravens  
#5 | 2297 days ago

Wow, almost half of you guessed Favre, but the rest of them were surprises. The correct answers: LT and Chester Taylor (437 combined fantasy points), Favre (28 TD passes), Edwards (1289 rec yards), Gostkowski (74 PATs), The Bucs (170 pts allowed), Dallas Clark (11 TD rec).
1. Joseph Addai, Reggie Bush  2. Jake Delhomme  3. Reggie Brown  4. Olindo Mare, Saints  5. Eric Johnson  6. Bears  
#6 | 753 days ago

First one here and I am going with the Golden State Warriors to win this game over the Sacramento Kings!!!!

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