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Who do you think will have the most wins this season?
| Closed on 05/30/10 at 05:00PM
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Team Breakout:
27 Fans 
19%a. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
22%b. Jeff Gordon
59%c. Kyle Bush

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#1 | 1639 days ago

Gordon 3 wins, Jr. 1 win, Kyle 2 wins, Jimmie Johnson the rest!!
Jeff Gordon  
#2 | 1639 days ago

 i agree...that guy is good
Kyle Bush  
#3 | 1639 days ago

The way it has started it looks like The Jimmy Show again!
Dale Earnhardt Jr.  
#4 | 1639 days ago
radwarstorm (+)

i got a coworker, and i agree with him, that i got for the other 42 drivers vs johnson.  wreck him and take the wins from him.
Kyle Bush  
#5 | 1639 days ago
radwarstorm (+)

kyle busch
Kyle Bush  
#6 | 1638 days ago

I hope I am wrong about Kyle Busch winning more than the other two.
Kyle Bush  
#7 | 1637 days ago

Great poll and very hard to decide, so i went with my man Kyle.  All three of them are running about the same,  they are there but just not winners.
Kyle Bush  
#8 | 1637 days ago

ughk can i change my answer, i realized i clicked M&M busch without giving it real thought. i mean as much as i'd like to see this guy win. how.. when he's all over the place in racing.. Like hello Kyle you're good, yea we get it.. but you COULD BE BETTER maybe just maybe if we focused on ONE type of racing.. ahh heck whatever... do what you do best, but you won't get all the wins you expect...
Kyle Bush  
#9 | 1634 days ago

Watching Jeff Gordon at Martinsville I'm gonna have to go with him. I know he wasn't at the front all day, but the way he "made sure Kenseth didn't win" (I think those were his exact words) says to me his desire is still there. He can still compete, its just a shame for him that he brought his main rival into the sport...
Jeff Gordon  
#10 | 1634 days ago

Mark martin should just win so he car retire then jr come back to life soon PLEASE
Kyle Bush  
#11 | 1616 days ago

Kyle Busch 2
Dale Jr 1
Jeff Gordon 0
Kyle Bush  

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