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Are you ready for some football, NFL Week 1 guesses
Scored by rockysnappyduke on 09/11/07 at 12:39PM | Closed on 09/06/07 at 08:00PM
FanIQ Pts? 6 | NFL | Multiple Choice Prediction Poll
Team Breakout:
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  1. Which quarterback will throw for the most yardage? (1 points)
36%a. Peyton Manning vs. Saints
18%b. Drew Brees vs. Colts
0%c. Trent Green vs. Redskins
23%d. Marc Bulger vs. Panthers
5%e. Tom Brady vs. Jets
0%f. Chad Pennington vs. Patriots
5%g. Jon Kitna vs. Raiders
Correct14%h. Jay Cutler vs. Bills
  2. Which running back will have the most receiving yards? (2 points)
41%a. Reggie Bush vs. Colts
0%b. Joseph Addai vs. Saints
18%c. Steven Jackson vs. Panthers
Correct27%d. Michael Westbrook vs. Packers
0%e. Warrick Dunn vs. Vikings
5%f. Marshawn Lynch vs. Broncos
0%g. Kevin Jones vs. Raiders
9%h. Frank Gore vs. Cardinals
  3. Which receiver will have the most catches? (3 points)
9%a. Marques Colston vs. Colts
27%b. Marvin Harrison vs. Saints
9%c. Reggie Wayne vs. Saints
Correct18%d. Torry Holt vs. Panthers
18%e. Steve Smith vs. Rams
9%f. Hines Ward vs. Browns
0%g. Antonio Gates vs. Bears
9%h. Larry Fitzgerald vs. 49ers
  4. Which defensive player will have the most solo tackles? (4 points)
Correct23%a. Zack Thomas vs. Redskins
5%b. Tedy Bruschi vs. Jets
0%c. Jonathan Vilma vs. Patriots
0%d. Dan Morgan vs. Rams
41%e. Brian Urlacher vs. Chargers
5%f. Derrick Brooks vs. Seahawks
23%g. Ray Lewis vs. Bengals
5%h. Roy Williams vs. Giants
  5. Which player will score from the furthest out? (5 points)
27%a. Reggie Bush vs. Colts
Correct23%b. Randy Moss vs. Jets
9%c. Vince Young vs. Jags
0%d. Tarvaris Jackson vs. Falcons
0%e. Travis Henry vs. Bills
14%f. Calvin Johnson vs. Raiders
9%g. Rudi Johnson vs. Ravens
18%h. Willis McGahee vs. Bengals
  6. Which team will score the fewest points? (6 points)
18%a. Bucs (at Seattle)
0%b. Seahawks (vs. Tampa Bay)
Correct9%c. Chiefs (at Houston)
27%d. Browns (vs. Pittsburgh)
18%e. Bills (vs. Denver)
14%f. Titans (at Jacksonville)
Correct9%g. Falcons (at Minnesota)
5%h. Vikings (vs. Atlanta)
  Tiebreaker: How many punts will there be in the Saints-Colts game?
Correct 9

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#1 | 2608 days ago
McNabbNumbaOne (+)

1. other, donovan mcnabb
2. im guessing you mean BRIAN westbrook
1. Jay Cutler vs. Bills  2. Michael Westbrook vs. Packers  3. Torry Holt vs. Panthers  4. Brian Urlacher vs. Chargers  5. Reggie Bush vs. Colts  6. Bills (vs. Denver)  
#2 | 2608 days ago

my bad, i think michael westbrook played for the Buffs.
1. Drew Brees vs. Colts  2. Reggie Bush vs. Colts  3. Reggie Wayne vs. Saints  4. Brian Urlacher vs. Chargers  5. Willis McGahee vs. Bengals  6. Bills (vs. Denver)  

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